The free Fusion 360: ‘From design to machining’ ebook

Fusion 360 is one of the go-to programmes for product design, CAD, and CAM. With a free one-year license for hobbyists as well as options for start-ups and educational institutions, the programme dominates the home user CAD market.

But it’s not just modelling that Fusion 360 is known for. The full license offers a range of simulation, fluid dynamics, stress testing, animation, and rendering features to perfectly illustrate what a product looks like, how it works, and whether it will withstand practical use.

It’s also a cloud-based modelling tool, which makes it great for collaboration and easy access to files. Unfortunately, this means that to use Fusion 360, you need a reliable internet connection, and that might just be one of its biggest drawbacks.

Exchange rates and country prices determine the price for a full license but for what is seen on the Internet you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better tool for this price and ease of use. While other programmes can offer more features, they come at a higher cost and with a steeper learning curve.

On the other hand, some programmes that are similar in use or price to Fusion 360 lack its more advanced features.

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