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Company Profile

Bystronic Laser AG develops and sells systems for processing sheet metal. Its headquarters are located in Niederönz, Switzerland. Two further development and production locations are situated in Gotha, Germany and in Tianjin, China. Bystronic Laser AG is active with its own sales and services companies in around 30 countries on three continents and is represented by agents in numerous other countries. In 1994 Bystronic was purchased by Conzzeta, a Swiss industrial holding company that is primarily involved in machine and plant engineering.


The name Bystronic first appeared in 1964 with the founding of the Bystronic Maschinen AG in Bützberg. The company specialises in glass processing. Bystronic is a composite of the names of its three founders, Byland, Schneider, and Trösch.

In the early 80s, the engineers of Bystronic Maschinen AG started developing a laser cutting machine and introduced the Bylas in 1984. The number of machines sold rose rapidly and due to the lack of space the laser business moved to Niederönz and in 1986 the company name changed to Bystronic Laser AG. Two years later Bystronic developed its first waterjet cutting machine, the Byjet.

In 1997 Bystronic Laser AG acquired the Swiss company Hämmerle AG’s pressbrake department and in 2002 completed the acquisition of the Beyeler Group in Gotha, Germany, adding another production location for pressbrakes.

In 2002, Bystronic Laser AG and Bystronic Maschinen AG (Bystronic glass) split operations.

Laser cutting, bending, waterjet cutting

At its headquarters in Niederönz, Bystronic manufactures laser cutting systems and waterjet cutting systems and in its manufacturing plant in Gotha pressbrakes. In Tianjin Bystronic additionally manufactures laser cutting systems and pressbrakes that are specifically tailored to the requirements of the Chinese market. Components that are crucial to the performance of the systems are developed by Bystronic itself or together with selected partners. These include the CNC control for all machines, the laser source for the laser cutting systems and the high-pressure pumps for waterjet cutting. Every tenth Bystronic employee works in the development of products and services.


With laser cutting Bystronic ensures automatic operation processes, both on the machine itself, on the machine’s periphery and the materials handling equipment. The automation solutions are modularly designed and are adapted to meet the customer’s requirements.


Bystronic offers a proprietary software package for its machines – Bysoft. The functionality of the Bysoft package goes far beyond that of a conventional CAD/CAM program. Bysoft controls and monitors all aspects of the cutting and bending processes right down to the very last detail. The software for the machine control, ByVision, is also an in-house development from Bystronic.


Services maintains a global network of service technicians. All country subsidiaries have a spare parts warehouse, many of them a demonstration centre for machine demonstrations. Trained and certified Bystronic instructors guarantee high-quality customer training. Leasing partners offer Bystronic customers individually tailored loan financing.

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