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Company profile
Hi-Tech Machine Tools (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive agent in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa for Mazak CNC machine tools. Mazak is a leader in the design, manufacture and support of advanced machine tool equipment, including multi-tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning and automation solutions with the concept of Done In One, for all metal working industry segments.

Whether you are machining vehicle frame components, drive train elements or engine components, gear cases or hydraulic cylinders from cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other ferrous and non ferrous materials, Mazak have a machine and a solution you need to reduce your cycle times, produce precision parts and achieve increased productivity.

Mazak machines can be found in the aerospace, automotive and truck, consumer electronics, energy, job shops, mass production, medical, mining and many other general engineering industries.

A partnership for success in South Africa
The business philosophy that prevails at Hi-Tech Machine Tools is that education is a far more pressing concern than merely selling machines. This applies equally to customers and company staff members.

“In our market, customers always believe that the cheapest machine produces the lowest priced parts. We show them practically that this is not the case. We believe that our customers must be educated on all the features of a CNC machine tool, so that they can make the correct decision when purchasing. There are no short cuts to success,” says Peter Killian, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Machine Tools.

“Changes in the South African market environment have meant our customers are now looking for the best CNC technology available at the best possible price. Because the mission of the Hi-Tech Machine Tools is to supply customers with only the most advanced technology and expertise available in the CNC field, the company signed a partnership agreement with Mazak.

“Our company prefers to specialise with one brand, and Mazak fulfills the requirement completely with its huge performance range of CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers, as well as vertical turning machines and CNC lathes with C Axis,” said Killian.

“Because of the belief that selling sophisticated CNC machine tools serves very little purpose if there is not a corresponding level of back-up, Hi-Tech Machine Tools regularly factory trains its service engineers, either by sending them to Mazak for training in Japan, or by having Mazak engineers doing in-house training at the company’s premises in South Africa. The latter choice, of in-house training on company premises, has a direct added spin-off for customers, who are invited to join in the training process on designated days.”

“Furthermore, Hi-Tech has established its own training school that over the past nine years has produced more than 250 qualified CNC programmers.”

“This is very satisfying for us. We are able to see actual, tangible results in the market place. And, we are able to contribute towards increasing the base of skilled personnel in the country at large.”

“All Mazak CNC machines on the Hi-Tech Machine Tools showroom floor are connected to power and ready for customer demonstrations. The staff like nothing better than the challenge of demonstrating to a customer how a Mazak CNC machine easily outperforms what the customer currently achieves on a competitor’s CNC machine that the customer has on his shop floor.”

“You could say that our motto is selling by education. We know that there are no miracles and no short cuts to success. Many first time customers purchase a CNC machine only to realise after a few months’ experience that they have made an expensive mistake. We believe that our customers must be educated on all the features of a CNC machine tool, so that they can make the correct decision at the time of purchase.”

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa Hi-Tech Machine Tools was established in January 1990. The company acquired its current 5 700m² facility, that comprises 250m² of showroom and two CNC training rooms of 50m² each.

HCN5000 50 horizontal machining center with SmoothC control

Integrex j-400 Hybrid (Additive Manufacturing) machine with Smooth control

HYPER QUADREX 200MSY Multi-Tasking Turning Centre with SmoothC control

Integrex j-200S multi-tasking machine with SmoothG control

Integrex i-200S AM (additive manufacturing) multi-tasking machine

Mega Turn 500M S vertical turning center with SmoothC control

Multi Pallet Pool (MPP) single-machine automation solution Smooth MPP software

Multiplex W-200Y Multi-Tasking CNC turning center

QT Compact 300MY turning center with Y-axis and SmoothC control

Slant Turn 550M turning center with SmoothG control

Smooth XGC controls Family

Variaxis i-700 5-axis vertical machining center with SmoothX control

VTC 760 vertical machining center with SmoothG control