PFERD South Africa, in it for the long haul

Established in 1968, PFERD South Africa has become a major player in the abrasive industry within South Africa and the African continent. PFERD South Africa’s parent company August Rüggeberg is situated in Marienheide Germany and was founded in 1799.

“With over 200 years of experience, we are certainly able to provide the industry with highly effective and innovative products,” said Horst Frenzel, managing director of PFERD South Africa.

With its head office and manufacturing facility in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, PFERD South Africa have expanded to include four additional sales and distribution offices within South Africa. From their South African operation, they serve the whole sub-Saharan region through various distributor networks, and in so doing further increasing their African footprint.

PFERD is expanding their range of material specific tungsten carbide burrs, which will include their new All Round cut

“Over the past 50 years PFERD South Africa have become well-known within the industry, which is mainly due to our philosophy that there is no substitute for quality and safety. This philosophy is supported by PFERD’s main goal to consistently supply industry with the highest quality products, that offer the user maximum comfort and safety. As a founding member of the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives, PFERD is committed to ensuring premium quality products that offer the user the highest level of safety. All PFERD products are manufactured to achieve unsurpassed performance and superior process optimisation while maintaining maximum cost efficiency,” continued Frenzel.

Alumaster is a milling tool dedicated to the aluminium industry

PFERD South Africa’s national sales manager Dennis Phillips explains that with more than 8 500 products for surface preparation, finishing and cutting, PFERD offers a solution for every application within a variety of industries.

“This is backed by continuous technical support. We are committed to customer service and we aim to ensure product availability and customer support. PFERD has a well-trained sales force with the knowledge and expertise to analyse customer application problems on-site and offer the optimum product solution both in terms of technicality and cost efficiency,” said Phillips.

To this extent PFERD invested in a state-of-the-art training academy where training is offered to staff and customers.

“We not only offer training to our own staff, but also to our customers both on product selection, safety as well as application specific training sessions. This is offered free of charge with the objective of ensuring operator safety within our industry,” said Phillips.

PFERD’s dedication to technical expertise and constant improvement is evident through ongoing investment in their local manufacturing facility as well as continuous research and development. This has allowed PFERD to introduce numerous new products thus far in 2020. These products include unique products such as the PFERD Alumaster, which is a milling tool dedicated to the aluminium industry. Another industry first is PFERD’s diamond filament brush range, which is used to round the cutting edges of carbide tools and inserts during the manufacturing process.

New products such as the CC Grind Strong and E-Comfort are locally produced

“We are proud to say that additional new products such as the CC Grind Strong and E-Comfort are locally produced. These grinding discs offer much improved stock removal rates while reducing the overall noise, vibration and dust emissions during operation. In addition to this PFERD is also expanding their range of material specific tungsten carbide burrs, which will include their new All Round cut, which achieves much improved stock removal rates when compared to the general cuts currently available on the market. This will allow PFERD to offer and supply the market with the optimum and most cost-effective product for each unique application,” mentioned Frenzel.

COVID-19 adaptability and continued commitment
“We believe that although the impact of COVID-19 will be felt across all businesses within the country, that there will also be opportunities for local businesses to grow. We as South Africans have endured many turbulent times, but we have a character to face and overcome obstacles, and I believe this will be the same with COVID-19,” said Frenzel.

Frenzel notes that the global impact has been immense, and this has put pressure on the overall supply chain throughout industries, but that PFERD South Africa has made the necessary contingency plans to ensure it maintains its ability to produce.

“Coupled with this are numerous operational and system changes to ensure continuity of supply.”

PFERD’s focus is not only on the manufacture of products and the supply thereof, but also on being a responsible corporate organisation.

PFERD South Africa offers more than 8 500 products for surface preparation, finishing and cutting. PFERD offers a solution for every application within a variety of industries

“Our company values are built on being a business partner that trades ethically, transparently and honestly, and in so doing, being a reliable and dependable supplier and employer. PFERD have implemented strict hygiene measures and protocols at all their sales offices throughout the country. Although we have to continue operations, we have a responsibility to ensure a safe working and business environment for our staff and customers,” commented Frenzel.

“We are committed to the economic recovery of South Africa and the well-being of its citizens. We will continue to invest in our local manufacturing facility to ensure we maintain our ability to offer and supply the local as well as international market with the highest quality and most cost-efficient products. This allows us to contribute to the future sustainability of not only PFERD South Africa, but also our business partners,” concluded Frenzel.

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