Parting made easy – Walter

New Blaxx™ F5055 mill optimises parting and slitting

Together with the Walter Cut SX grooving system, Walter AG has launched a new Blaxx™ designed parting and slitting mill, the F5055. It shares an extremely robust and precise construction, as well as outstanding performance and process reliability, with the other milling cutters in the BlaxxTM range.

The new Walter Cut SX grooving system is based on self-gripping, form-locking indexable inserts and extremely favourable cutting force guidance into the tool. The flexible top clamp can itself be relieved, or can fully deploy its clamping force. The effect is a safely anchored indexable insert and as a result, excellent process reliability. Indexable-insert losses are therefore almost completely eliminated.

These clamping properties are also desirable for slitting cutters. Developers at Walter AG therefore designed the Blaxx™ F5055 slitting cutter based on the grooving system. Walter Blaxx™ stands for an extremely robust and extremely accurate construction, with outstanding performance and process reliability. It is precisely these features that are provided by the Walter Cut SX clamping system and the F5055 body. The design ensures safe clamping of the insert even at higher speeds. As a result of the excellent concentric and axial run-out values for the cutter body, vibration is kept to a minimum.

The properties of the Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool material are combined with the properties of the tool body. “Blaxx™ – powered by Tiger·tec® Silver” also applies to the F5055. The slitting cutter utilises the same indexable inserts as the grooving tools, and these are currently available with the WSM33S and WSP43S cutting materials. In total, there are three geometries available.

The stable CE4 for medium to high feed rates and applications with good chip compression, the universal CF5 for most materials and low to medium feed rates, and the easy-cutting CF6 for good machining conditions and low feed rates or for non-ferrous metals. As the Walter Cut SX and the F5055 use the same indexable inserts, users of both tooling systems benefit from reduced inventory costs. Walter supplies the F5055 in diameters of 63 to 250 mm for insert widths of 2.0 to 4.0 mm. Thanks to the universal performance of the cutting tool material, the tool is suitable for cast-iron, steel and stainless steel components. Moreover, it is also suitable for materials with difficult cutting properties, and therefore particularly suitable for the aerospace industry, where production of large volumes of the highest-quality components demands tools with exceptional reliability.

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