OSG’s Ado-Micro small diameter coolant-through carbide drill

Stable and high-efficiency in small diameter deep-hole applications.

OSG Corporation’s Ado-Micro is the company’s first small diameter carbide drill with oil holes designed for stable and high-efficincy drilling in deep-hole applications. The sense of size upon hearing the phrase small diameter” will be understood differently among users in the manufacturing industry.

The Ado-Micro has a line-up of drill diameters from 0.7mm up to 2mm for drill lengths of 2xD and 5xD, and diameter 1mm to 2mm for drill lengths of 12xD, 20xD and 30xD. The product name Ado-Micro may seem to be associated with the unit prefix micro (µ), but it was named to simply imply smallness in size regardless of the unit.

For small diameter drilling, options such as carbide drills and HSS drills using external coolant are available. However, today’s machining needs require greater stability, higher efficiency and longer life than ever before. There is no exception in small diameter deep-hole applications, with growing needs for coolant-through small diameter drills.

Tool geometry
One of the keys for successful small diameter drilling is trouble-free chip evacuation. Poor chip evacuation is a common complication in small diameter deep-hole drilling. Micro sludges can be easily accumulated around the outer periphery of the cutting tool, which is a key cause of abrupt tool breakage.

As illustrated in figure 1, chips generated at the tip of the tool flow in the direction of the blue arrow. However, if there is insufficient space in the flute, cutting chips cannot evacuate smoothly, which causes the drilling accuracy to deteriorate and increases the probability of tool breakage. Therefore, by providing a wider flute specification at the area where the tip of the blue arrow locates, as depicted in figure 1, cutting chips are able to be discharged without difficulty, leading to stable machining

The Ado-Micro features a unique double margin geometry with an extended flute and shortened end margin to enhance chip evacuation capability. In addition to the outstanding chip ejection performance, the double margin configuration supports the straightness stability of the tool and reduces rifle marks on the inner surface of holes.

Furthermore, the Ado-Micro features a pair of large oil holes and employs a hollow shank design to allow large coolant flow volume for trouble-free chip evacuation. The Ado-Micro is coated with OSG’s original IchAda coating that provides excellent surface smoothness in conjunction with high abrasion resistance and heat resistance to enable small diameter tools to achieve long tool life. With the Ado-Micro’s unique tool geometry and IchAda coating, non-step drilling is made possible even for deep-hole applications, enabling high processing efficiency.

The Ado-Micro is suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile cast iron, aluminium alloy, titanium alloy and heat resistant alloy.

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