Mastercam and Mitutoyo partner with TITANS of CNC

CNC Software, Inc., developers of Mastercam, has announced a new partnership with TITANS of CNC, Inc. to help train the next generation of highly skilled CNC machinists and eliminate the widening skills gap. The organisations have entered into a three-year partnership to develop media that advocates for CNC education and high-level aerospace manufacturing processes.

Mastercam is one of the world’s leading CAD/CAM software. It is a widely used CAM in industry and education worldwide. The software is popularly used in companies requiring precision machining, such as shops in the automotive and aerospace industries.

TITANS of CNC is a free educational platform, consisting of more than 3 000 online courses, that guides students and teachers through CNC machine operation and programming. The Academy consists of online courses in fundamentals, learning CAD, CAM, advanced work holding, 5-axis, and more. The organisation has an expansive following among students and professionals in manufacturing and are preparing the release of TITANS of CNC: Aerospace Academy – a tutorial-based platform teaching high-level manufacturers the skills necessary to produce complex aerospace parts using the most difficult materials.

“We are proud to partner with such an inspirational team. From the beginning of our existence, CNC Software has made a concerted effort to address the educational market. We have always recognised the importance of recruiting young minds into our field. TITANS of CNC has made it their mission to do just that. We are proud and humbled to be working with such a wonderful group of people that have the same mission,” said Meghan West, President, CNC Software, Inc.

As a result of this partnership, TITANS of CNC will feature Mastercam in the production of videos for education and social media purposes. As a champion of the Mastercam brand, TITANS of CNC will engage more than 70 000 users.

“TITANS of CNC is proud to partner with Mastercam, a leader in CAM systems globally. As our Academy continues to grow, we believe it is necessary to teach with the latest, most-advanced CAM software and machining technology available. Knowledge is power, and what we teach has a direct effect on manufacturing companies’ ability to outperform their competitors,” says Titan Gilroy, CEO, TITANS of CNC, Inc.

Gilroy continues, “We are stepping up to the pinnacle of CNC machining education, introducing our new Aerospace Academy in early 2020. With the presence of ITAR regulations and restrictions, utilising Mastercam as our advanced CAM solution makes perfect sense.”

“We will be utilising Mastercam to produce the majority of our upcoming aerospace tutorials, which will live on our free Aerospace Academy website. In addition to these extremely detailed and difficult projects, we will be recreating our Rocket Series, Building Blocks Series and The Art of Fixturing Series in Mastercam.”

Mitutoyo partners with Titans of CNC
Mitutoyo Corporation has also announced a sponsorship agreement with Titans of CNC (Rocklin, CA). Titan Gilroy started the company as a CNC machine shop in Northern California focused on making the most difficult parts in aerospace. The company transitioned into a massive reality TV series as a world-first CNC educational platform recognised by a global network of engineers, machinists, hobbyists, students and educators.

Mitutoyo metrology products will be featured in the show airing on Titan TV, and will be utilised in Titan CNC Academy videos for demonstration purposes. They will highlight their products through video tutorials in Gilroy’s personal manufacturing facility located in Rocklin, CA. These videos, along with other content, will be featured on Titans of CNC social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“As a leader in the field of precision metrology, our company is excited to partner with them. We look forward to supporting skill development in US manufacturing by providing metrology experience and leading technology to the Titans team,” said Matt Dye, the president of Mitutoyo America.

Some of the equipment featured will include a MiSTAR shop floor CMM, a Quick Image vision system, a SJ-200/400 surface roughness tester, a LH-600 linear height gauge, QuantuMike/QuickMike coolant proof micrometers and coolant proof callipers, a U-Wave T and a U-Wave FIT, a MeasurLink® 9 data management system, and other metrology instruments and software.

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