Yaskawa’s lightweight 6-axis robot

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics division has unveiled what is believed to be the smallest, lightest, 6-axis industrial robot specifically designed for small handling and assembly applications.

The MotoMINI 7kg lightweight, portable robot is easy to carry and install close to workpieces and other machinery in existing production lines or cells, providing a payload of 500 grams, a maximum horizontal reach of 350mm, vertical reach of 495mm and repeatability of 0.02mm.

MotoMINI offers the highest acceleration times claimed to be 20% faster over comparable small robots and is ideal for table-top, floor, ceiling, tilt or wall-mount installations. A compact footprint of 191mm by 124mm, combined with 6-axis operation, makes it ideal for handling smaller workpieces and components, also for assembly work in small production machines.

The cables and air lines are routed through the base to upper arm helping to increase cable life, enhancing safety and reducing teaching time. Also, a single robot to controller cable connection enables fast setup while the powerful and precise ultra-compact YRC1000 micro controller minimises installation space and optimises performance.

MotoMINI is ideally suited to a wide of applications such as pick and place for small fittings, connectors and components in assembly, parts feeding, packaging, sorting and materials handling.

For further details contact Yaskawa Southern Africa on TEL: 011 608 3186 or visit www.yaskawa.eu.com