Yaskawa Motoman MPX3500 painting robot

Versatile coating robot.

The Yaskawa Motoman MPX3500 demonstrates the capabilities of modern painting robots. Fields of application for this fast and flexible robot include the coating of automobile bodies, construction machines, components and many other workpieces.

The 6-axis robot only needs a small amount of space to perform its work. The compact construction of the L-axis with no offset allows for the machine to be installed in small spaces close to the workpiece, while the internal cable and hose routing avoids interfering contours. Its hollow wrist design has an inside diameter of 70mm, making it well-suited for mounting spray equipment applicators. The hollow wrist’s high load capacity of 15kg allows for the use of even large rotary atomisers.

The robot can also efficiently apply a variety of different colours. Thanks to its large motion range of 3 500mm when wall-mounted, the MOTOMAN MPX3500 is suitable for use in large cells. To keep programming time for large cells to a minimum, the motion data can be mirrored by another robot on the opposite side of the painting line.

The new painting robot is controlled by the high-performance DX200 controller, which is available with the optional addition of a Functional Safety Unit (FSU) for improved safety.

The flexible robot can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted for layout flexibility.

For further details contact Yaskawa Southern Africa on TEL: 011 608 3186 or visit www.yaskawa.eu.com