Yaskawa Motoman MH900 large-reach, heavy payload robot

Features a 900kg payload capacity, 4 683mm horizontal reach and 6 209mm vertical reach.

The heavy-duty, large reach Yaskawa Motoman MH900 robot is the latest addition to Yaskawa’s MH-series line of material handling robots. Its parallel-link construction provides strength, rigidity and stabilisation for high movement of inertia loads, and it easily accommodates a range of large, heavy components such as car frames, sheet metal, agricultural equipment, pallet-loads of bricks and other heavy materials. The 6-axis MH900 features a 900kg payload capacity, 4 683mm horizontal reach and 6 209mm vertical reach.

Due to its heavy-duty robot design, the Motoman MH900 provides superior performance in machine tending and part transfer applications. It is particularly suitable for handling castings and large weldments.

This robot is ideally suited to “jigless” applications in which one robot positions the workpiece for processing by other robots, or two robots handle a single workpiece. It offers full 6-axis capability with a parallel-link construction for strength, rigidity and stabilisation. Heavy-duty bearings ensure smooth arm rotation. Used for the loading and unloading of parts, this robot can help eliminate inconsistencies and improve reliability.

The Yaskawa Motoman MH900 enables efficient use of the available power during motion, thereby saving energy. Cables and air lines are routed through the robot base to the upper arm in order to increase the service life of the cables, enhance safety and reduce teaching time. The cable installation tube in the base and major axes of the robot facilitates field bus connection and is routed to the robot upper arm and/or gripper.

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