Wohlers report 2019 on additive manufacturing now available

Takes a look at significant growth in 3D printing materials segment.

The Wohlers Report 2019 has been released for those wanting to gain a special view of additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing worldwide. Wohlers Associates feels that this report has been more carefully and thoroughly researched and written than any other. Commentary from experts in every corner of the planet shared the cream of their findings from the past 12 months so that others can put their fingers on the pulse of the AM industry.

Available as a colour digital and full-colour printed/bound version, the report provides a global review and analysis of AM. This edition marks the 24th consecutive year of publication.

New and expanded features of the report include: benefits and challenges of designing for AM; listing of 107 early-stage investments valued at nearly $1.3 billion; production, pricing and use of metal powders; expert reports from 32 countries; and tables of systems, third-party materials, software tools and emerging developments.

The report was developed with the support of 127 service providers, 71 manufacturers of industrial AM systems, and 30 producers of third-party materials and desktop 3D printers. Documented within are prominent research and development projects, collaborations and consortia, and the activities of 139 academic and research institutes around the world.

The Wohlers Report 2019 has benefited from the important contributions of 80 co-authors. Also included within the 369-page publication are more than 147 pages of supplemental online content available exclusively to the buyers of the report.

Details on the new annual state of the industry report are at http://wohlersassociates.com