Widia’s Top Drill-S for stainless steel now available

The newly developed Widia Top Drill-S is now available for manufacturers of stainless steel parts seeking improved productivity, performance and tool life.

Widia’s Top Drill-S (TDS) series has been designed to deliver pinpoint centring ability, as well as increased wear resistance and tool life when conducting heat-generating machining applications on tough materials. The geometry and gash design are said to improve chip evacuation and deliver a smooth chip transition from the cutting edge to the flutes. This capability reduces cutting forces and subsequent high temperatures, something that is complemented by the newly developed WM15PD high-aluminium coating and polished flutes. The multi-layered AlTiN based coating gives the TDS a high hardness level at high temperatures, a feature that supports high-speed drilling and MQL applications in stainless steel, including duplex variants.

Featuring through coolant, the TDS drill has a point that consists of a patented design to reduce cutting forces. Precision is supported by a two-margin land that retains cutting stability and reduces friction. In addition, the large chip-flute cross-section and small core diameter supports the fast removal of chips, especially when drilling deep holes.

TDS drills are available with 3xD, 5xD and 8xD length options, and in diameters from 3 to 20mm in 0.1mm increments. The 140° point angle drills are supplied with an overall length from 62 to 234mm diameter and a flute length from 20 to 181mm, depending upon the designation selected.

For more information contact Widatech on TEL: 011 450 2108, email: info@widatech.co.za or visit www.widia.com