Widia Varimill with duo-lock modular system interface offers ‘a revolutionary new solution’ for milling

The Widia VariMill with Duo-Lock modular system interface offers ‘a revolutionary new solution’ for milling, with the Duo-Lock interface delivering the only modular, exchangeable head milling system that parallels the performance of a solid carbide cutter.

VariMill geometries allow roughing and finishing with a single tool. Now, the modular system delivers corresponding adaptors that include an extensive line of straight and conical shanks with CV, PSC, BT and HSK configurations in Duo-Lock sizes of DL16, DL20, DL25 and DL32.

Included head cutter styles are VariMill, VariMill II, 4547, 4548, 4XN0 and 4X48 high performance series, the 4U40 45° roughing series, the 4969 ballnose roughing series, 5748 VariMill II ER, 774E VariMill III ER series, the 5142 and 5143 AluSurf line, the 8045 corner rounding line and the 8046 corner chamfering series. Each of these industry leading solutions include a tapered core that demonstrates highest stability and an eccentric relief design that increases tool life by means of higher edge stability.

Many of the modular heads are available with diameters that include 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 and 32mm with a length of cut from 15 to 48mm. The diverse range of heads and the comprehensive dimensional and geometrical offerings now provide manufacturers with a cost effective, highly productive solution that significantly reduces set-ups and tool changeovers with the high repeatability modular design.

Widia VariMill modular heads are offered as AlTiN coated or uncoated grades and the application range rakes in everything from aluminium and steel through to difficult-to-machine high temperature alloys.

For more information contact Widatech on TEL: 011 450 2108, email info@widatech.co.za or visit www.widia.com