Widia Novo tool assemblies can now be imported directly into Mastercam

The Widia Novo online platform, which is available in the UK from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC), now allows tool assemblies to be directly imported by users of Mastercam, credit to a newly formed collaboration. The partnership between Widia and CNC software developer Mastercam provides a solution that enables information importing from Novo directly into Mastercam 2018.

In the past, manufacturers may have complained of having to search through large and complex catalogues to find related tools, then having to request or build assemblies from scratch for use in systems such as Mastercam.

With the integration of Widia Novo and Mastercam, end users save significant time searching for the desired tools and building 3D tool assemblies that can be brought directly into the CAM software for easy use by most machine shops. Accurate tool definitions are a critical factor in modern CAM applications, and tool-path algorithms take advantage of these definitions to provide safe and efficient motion. In addition, the models imported from Widia Novo help to generate accurate in-process stock models that can be leveraged in subsequent operations.

Chris Merlin, director of portfolio commercialisation at Widia, states: “One of the promises of digitisation in manufacturing is greater precision and speed through effective data use. This is where integration is a must. Users want their systems to work together seamlessly via simple solutions, without extra effort on their part. By connecting Mastercam and Widia Novo, users can effortlessly join cutting-tool data with machining data. The 3D models, drawings and starting parameters are easily available for validation and programming processes. All this leads to less misapplication of tooling solutions, more optimal machining strategies, and increased productivity with better quality in the manufacturing environment.”

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