Widia Hanita introduces VariMill Xtreme, a solid carbide end mill solution

After the iconic VariMill I design, Widia Hanita are pleased to present the recently released VariMill Xtreme, the next generation of versatile high-performance end mills.

Engineered to excel in a variety of aggressive machining conditions the product design uses key features of the already successful VariMill I but enhances chip evacuation and corner stability to exceed performance expectations on a wide range of materials.

Key characteristics of VariMill Xtreme are its versatility whereby it is capable of machining a broad range of materials (steel, stainless steel, cast iron, super alloys), provides high-performance and tool life in a variety of operations including ramping, slotting, plunging, drilling, helical interpolation, dynamic milling, is productive with improved chip evacuation and increased edge/corner strength to reduce any risk of breakage while pushing the cutting parameters to the limit and exceeds expectations in aggressive cutting parameters.

The product offering of the 4-flute solid carbide end mill is it is available in metric (57 sku) and inch (57 sku) standard diameters, straight and Weldon shanks and square-end, sharp edges, chamfers and corner radii designs are available.

The coating of the tool is a Victory WS15PE grade and custom solutions are available. Regrinding is offered through the existing global centres.

Key features of the VariMill Xtreme are a twisted end face, an asymmetrical divided flute and variable helix angle and a parabolic core.

Target markets include the aerospace and energy industries as well as a host of general engineering industries.

“VariMill Xtreme will dominate the shop floor through productive output due to its versatile offering and ability to machine a broad range of materials in aggressive machining conditions” said a company spokesperson.

Hanita is a solid end milling brand devoted to delivering high-performance tools for the most demanding operations and applications in the aerospace, energy and general engineering industries.

To launch VariMill Xtreme Widia Hanita will hold a webinar – Discover WIDIA Hanita VariMill Xtreme – on 21 January 2021 (2PM CET). To register for this webinar visit https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8464220142692582672

For more information contact Widatech on TEL: +27 11 450 2108, email: info@widatech.co.za or visit www.widatech.co.za