WD Hearn Machine Tools has partnered with CAMplete Solutions Inc. to supply its software across South Africa

WD Hearn Machine Tools has joined forces with CAMplete to supply an integrated suite of post processing, verification and optimisation tools dedicated to 5-axis machining centers.

“We have signed this deal to help our clients avoid expensive collisions and interferences, whilst also optimising processes to ensure the best possible machine cycle time. For 20 years CAMplete Solutions has been specialising in the development of advanced NC post-processing and verification solutions dedicated to 5-axis and multi-tasking technology, for manufacturers in major industries around the world,” said Graeme Cooper, Sales Director at WD Hearn Machine Tools.

“This is another example of us moving away from simply supplying a machine. It is now all about providing the turnkey package that can help save clients money, improve cycle times and unlock production bottlenecks.”

“Our partnership with CAMplete provides another dimension to our all-round service. After generating tool paths and checking the full kinematics of the machine, users can then run their code through the software for post processing, simulation and optimisation.”

“These solutions can potentially be fitted to all 5-axis CNC machine tools. They give you the ability to avoid costly collisions and can save thousands in replacement parts and machine downtime.”

“Not only does it safeguard the machine, it gives the end user optimisation over the process as they can see in real time what the actual cycle time of the part will be, without cutting anything. Once it has been proven, the programme can be sent directly into the machine ready to go.”

“CAMplete Solutions Inc. is a technology driven company located in Ontario’s Waterloo Region – the heart of Canada’s Technology Triangle. The company offers four products to solve customer’s problems including CAMplete Truepath, CAMplete Truepath Lite, CAMplete Turnmill, and Intelligent Protection system (IPS). Their software is designed specifically for users machines, as opposed to a generic solution.”

“If you haven’t heard about CAMplete TruePath, then you probably aren’t really using a 5-axis machine. CAMplete TruePath is a software suite of tools created to make it a lot easier to transition from your CAM system to 5-axis machines. Basically, this means users leverage CAMplete TruePath to output NC programmes in a customised way. CAMplete TruePath achieves this primarily through its customisable post-processor and its 5-axis simulation, visualisation and verification tools. What saves machinists and job shops the most money and time, is understanding how your 5-axis machine will make cuts before you feed it any finalised G-code,” explained Cooper.

“These solutions are available for all new and existing 5-axis machines including our Kitamura Mycenter-G series vertical and horizontal machining centers,” concluded Cooper.

“We are excited to partner with WD Hearn to expand our presence within South Africa. WD Hearn’s experienced technical support and sales staff makes them an ideal partner to provide CAMplete TruePath within the country. This partnership leverages our existing relationship with Kitamura to provide WD Hearn customers with an integrated and comprehensive solution,” said Jeff Fritsch, VP Sales and Marketing.

For further details contact WD Hearn Machine Tools on TEL: 021 5345351 or visit www.wdhearn.co.za or www.camplete.com