Victor Taichung – suppliers of CNC machine tools and robotic handling equipment

With decades of expertise in the machine tool industry, Victor Taichung in South Africa has been supplying the Victor range of CNC machine tools, plastic injection moulding machines and robotic handling equipment to the local engineering market since 1986.

The Victor Taichung Machinery Works Company, based in Taichung is an unusual company because it is one of only two companies in Taiwan to have its own foundry. Unlike many Taiwanese companies that just assemble machines, Victor Taichung builds its CNC and injection-moulding machines from the ground up, using its own castings and spindles. The company also uses the Japanese concept of multitasking machines, which do both milling and turning at the same time, to manufacture its own products. Victor Taichung Machinery Works Company was established in 1954 and next year will celebrate 70 years as a company.

Victor Fortune has introduced the Victor Vcenter G135 vertical machining center

“When you buy a Victor Taichung machine, you are buying into a brand that will give you an unparalleled level of confidence that your investment will perform, day in day out for years to come. With almost 70% of the components in every machine across the entire range being designed and manufactured under one roof, Victor Taichung stringently controls the production and quality processes to deliver a brand that surpasses its rivals in every way. Just ask any user of Victor machines and it soon becomes evident that time and again, customers stick with the Victor brand based on the reliability, service life, machine uptime and confidence that the machines will always perform,” commented Victor Fortune’s MD in South Africa Dudley Meredith.

“From a product perspective, our product portfolio has an exceptional level of depth to meet your manufacturing challenges. The portfolio includes multitasking CNC turning centers, 5-axis machining centers, horizontal and vertical lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers, wheel machining lathes, robotic handling systems and plastic injection moulding machines. The capacity, size, productivity, flexibility and scope of the equipment within this portfolio has a depth beyond the imagination of most machine tool brands.”

In 2020 the CNC horizontal turning lathe model S26 was launched by Victor Taichung and is now the most popular of the standard machines. The Victor Vturn-S26 has been re-engineered to provide a host of features that include the option of a servo-powered C-axis to offer driven tooling stations

“If you add in the heritage of a brand established in 1954 with tens of thousands of worldwide installations the company continually attains a growing market share and success based upon its marketed and industry acknowledged reputation for superior quality and reliability. Whilst the performance, longevity and stability of the Victor brand can never be overstated, neither can the level of technology and innovation. Victor Taichung heavily invests and is fully committed to its constant R&D programme that relentlessly sees new product innovations and developments arriving to drive flexibility, productivity and quality forward for its customers.”

“As our business continues to evolve and expand, the diversity and depth of stock and demonstration machines will increase exponentially. For industry, this means that Victor Fortune will hold a greater level of stock machines for rapid nationwide delivery, a comprehensive application and demonstration area and unfathomable depth of spare part stock to keep your business running, all year round. Customers and engineers will be welcome to visit our facility in Aeroport Industrial, Spartan, Gauteng and explore the opportunities that are now available with Victor machine tools.”

“To deliver high-performance machine tools at an effective ‘price point’ Victor has ploughed a huge level of investment into a completely new manufacturing facility that includes lights out manufacturing, large flexible manufacturing systems and a state-of-the-art parts and inventory storage facility.”

“The Victor Series of multitasking turning centers take productivity and performance to a new level. Built upon the industry’s most robust platform, the Victor multitasking machines cater for all your turned and milled part needs with astounding precision, rigidity and flexibility.”

“The Victor Series of multitasking turning centers take productivity and performance to a new level. Built upon the industry’s most robust platform, the Victor multitasking machines cater for all your turned and milled part needs with astounding precision, rigidity and flexibility.”

“If you are looking for a high-quality, high-performance robust and reliable range of turning centers, the Victor range of machines will not be beaten. The Victor range incorporates everything from multitasking multi-turret machines with single or twin spindle configurations for flexible vertical or horizontal turning through to the spacious large bed turning machines.”

“When you want to take your turning operations to an entirely new level of performance, the new Victor Vturn-V series of vertical turning lathes (VTL) is the range to invest in. The kinematics and design of VTL’s give the machines several advantages over their horizontal counterparts.”

“If you are looking to reach the epitome of highly productive 5-axis machining with the rigidity to undertake heavy duty material removal, the 5-axis range of Victor machining centers is the only place you need to look. With three variants in the 5-axis range, the Vcenter- AX380, Vcenter-AX630 and the Vcenter-AX800, you can accommodate an extremely diverse range of machining applications.”

The larger Victor Fortune Vcenter-AX630 5-axis machining center is highly flexible, incorporating a B and C-axis rotary table to facilitate the 5-axis machining of large parts up to 700mm diameter by 500mm

“In an industry awash with vertical machining centers, the expansive range of 3, 4 and 5-axis Victor machines now means that the search for your ideal machine has been simplified. With an unfathomable range of machines that are complemented by an even larger range of capacity sizes and optional solutions to optimise your machine, Victor Taichung has the machine for your needs, whether it is simple or complex components for any industry sector.”

“Whilst much of the industry has a preference for vertically configured spindles, the Victor range of horizontal machining centers have clear benefits that need to be considered. The natural kinematics allow swarf to fall from the work area, they eliminate swarf re-cutting, improve tool life and surface finishes and also remove unscheduled stops for manual swarf removal. This is particularly pertinent in heavy material removal applications.”

When using the Victor Vcenter-AX380 vertical machining center for processing multi-sided and complex parts you can expect reduced setups and improved accuracy. The Vcenter-AX380 5-axis machining center effectively upgrades the cutting performance with higher accuracy and efficiency, a tool change of only six seconds, a twin arm type ATC with bi-directional random selection for 30 tool magazine offers quick tool change and optimal reliability, an upgraded SK-40/BBT-40 tooling system linked with the stronger tool pull stud, XYZ travels of 700mm by 500mm by 540mm, a table size 380mm and a maximum table load 200kg

“Adding to the already remarkable depth of technology available from Victor portfolio of machine tools is the range of alloy wheel machining centres and lathes. Experts in machining technology for a vast array of industry sectors, Victor has developed a series of turning and machining centers that are perfectly adapted for the machining of wheels.”

Robotic handling equipment
“The Easyway gantry robot is a compact system that is designed for un-manned operation. It is mounted on the machine base and can be used with the Victor VT-NP16/20, VT-A20, VT-S26, VT-A26 & VT- V560. The work feeder is available with fully enclosed guarding and is available with multiple pallet options.”

“We can also supply various other robotic options from the well-known brands available locally.”

The robust Vturn-NP16 turning center boasts a compact footprint of just 1 488mm in length by 1 956mm wide, and has a height of 1 775mm, so even the most compact machine shop can now benefit from the productivity, rigidity, precision and longevity of a Victor CNC machine tool. Heavy stock removal and highly productive machining of difficult-to-process materials are the machine’s forte. The machine is a one-piece slant bed design and it has a chip disposal system at the rear of the machine to minimise the footprint. The compact turning center has Z axis travel of 250mm, a 570mm diameter swing-over-bed and a 260mm maximum turning diameter. Spindle power is 11kW, speed 6 000rpm, and there’s a 12-live-position station servo-driven tool turret, plus an option of a 12-position, C-axis BMT45 milling turret for single-hit machining of complex components. Driven tool power is 2.2kW

Service and spare parts
“The support of any machine tool supplier is only as good as its service engineers and the availability of spare parts. When you buy high-quality machine tools from Victor Taichung, you are buying from a company that understands how vitally important it is to keep customers’ spindles turning. Our factory trained service engineers install all new machines at customer premises as well as carry out any breakdown service visits. With many years of experience in electrical and mechanical engineering we have a very capable team able to offer a unique knowledge of Victor models.”

For further details contact Victor Fortune on TEL: 011 392 3800 or visit