Victor Fortune’s 5-axis vertical machining center, the Vcenter-AX630

The Victor Fortune AX range of vertical machining centers are fully simultaneous 5-axis machining centers. Driven by a Fanuc and now also Heidenhain control systems, these machines are built utilising the strengths already established on the 2, 3-axis Victor Fortune VMC ranges. The advanced 5-axis application has lowered the table surface to facilitate the loading of larger and heavier parts than by fitting a 5th axis table onto a 3-axis VMC.

Victor Fortune’s 5-axis vertical machining center, the Vcenter-AX630, features a trunnion type tilting table (B+C axes) that is fixed on machine base, which enhances structure stiffness. The high rapid feed of 48m/min, the high-speed BBT-40/12 000rpm spindle and the high rotary speed minimises the overall cycle time. A backlash-less roller-cam drive mechanism rotated at a higher speed further reduces the cycle time.

The spindle centre to column (vertical milling) is 300mm, the spindle nose to table surface (or table centre) is 100mm to 600mm and the height from the table surface (or table centre) to the floor is 766mm.

The table work area is 630 x 500mm and the maximum table load is 300 kilograms. Generous XYZ travels of 700 x 500 x 500mm are complimented with 11/15/18kW spindle motor, an axis feed motor (XYZ) of 7/4/7kW and linear guide width of 45mm.

The maximum tool lengths are 300mm and the maximum tool weight is seven kilograms with a maximum tool diameter of 76mm. The magazine capacity is 30 – optional 40 or 60 – and the tool exchange rate is 2.5 seconds.

The AX range is available in AX380 (XYZ: 700 x 500 x 540mm) and AX800 (XYZ: 1 600 x 700 x 600mm (vertical milling) / 1 000mm (horizontal milling) versions

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