Victor Fortune Vturn-NP16CM CNC lathe with Easyway Robot

CNC lathe features integrated robot.

Victor Fortune’s Vturn-NP16CM CNC lathe is equipped with a 6″ 3-jaw hollow hydraulic chuck, C-axis and BMT-45 live servo turret (12 live tools). It features a standard rear discharge chip conveyor. Optional is a right discharge chip conveyor. The lathe utilises roller type linear guide ways and features a Meehanite casting one-piece slant bed. Rapid feedr ates are 30 metres per minute for both axes. Machine width is only 1 600mm with a standard Fanuc spindle motor to save floor space.

The Easyway Robot is seated on the slide ways of the tailstock (which has been removed from the lathe). This robot (parts catcher) has three servo-motors to rotate the arms and grippers to transport the parts between work feeder and chuck. Maximum part weight is 3kgs., maximum part diameter is 120mm and length is 102mm. The work feeder consists of 10 pallets, each measuring 170mm in width by 400mm in height to load 120 (12 x 10) pieces of parts with maximum diameter of 42mm. Different holes on the pallets can be specified. A turnover station is installed in this cell.

The lathe, robot and workpiece feeder are arranged in a single cell in order to occupy as little floor space as possible. In addition, keeping the robot inside the machine minimises the distance it needs to travel between the chuck and workpiece feeder while eliminating the need to open and close the machine door for loading and unloading. According to the company, this results in a change-over time of seven seconds, compared with 15 seconds for an external gantry robot. And because the door is always closed, oil mist is kept inside the machine, resulting in a cleaner shop environment.

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