Vargus makes additions to grooving and thread milling ranges

Vargus Tooling has made numerous additions to its Groovex, TSMD deep hole thread milling, Mega Line thread generation ranges and has also introduced a special clamping system for its Vargus gear milling inserts.

Vargus’ Groovex grooving, boring and micro-machining solutions now include GrooVical indexable inserts for internal grooving and parting-off applications. Available in square, round and special profiles, GrooVical incorporates two systems for different groove widths and depths: GV26 for 0.5 to 2 mm and groove depths to 5 mm and GV29 for 2 to 6 mm groove widths and depths up to 6.5 mm.

The inserts feature a three cutting corner geometry for faster machining and are supplied in VKX grade with a tough substrate and TiN coating for wear resistance and tool life.

Toolholder styles, suitable for a variety of GrooVical applications, feature an innovative clamping system for corner support and improved rigidity. All GrooVical toolholders are nickel coated for protection against rust and corrosion.

TMSD thread milling solutions for deep holes have been extended to include TMSD Vertical for small diameters and inserts for American Buttress (Abut).


TMSD Vertical three-flute thread milling tools are designed for efficient machining of smaller tool cutting diameters and a minimum M11.5X0.5 thread size. Inserts feature a single point design and reinforced cutting corner to reduce load on the cutting edges and improve rigidity. They are available in 7V, 9V and 11V sizes in VBX and VTX grades for profile styles Partial Profile 60º, Partial Profile 55º, Trapez and Stub ACME.

Toolholders for TMSD vertical are available in Weldon steel shank and carbide cylindrical shank styles for 10.5 to 20.8 mm tool cutting diameter and tool overhang from 25 to 65 mm. Both feature through-tool cooling.

TMSD inserts for machining small to large pitches from 16 to 2.5 tpi are now included as standard. The design of the toolholders provides support for non-symmetrically-shaped Abut-style inserts. Inserts for Abut are available in 5.0 L, 3/8-in L and 5/8-in V styles in VBX and VTX grades. Toolholders are available in Weldon steel shank, carbide cylindrical shank and shell mill styles.

The Mega Line of heavy duty thread generation solutions now accommodates 10 to 24 mm pitches. The latest insert design and geometry provide increased levels of stability and support during machining as the toolholder is tailored to each insert profile. A clamping system with an indented insert edge prevents insert rotation and helps to withstand higher cutting forces.

Offered in the Vargus VKX tough submicron grade, Mega Line inserts are available in IC 5/8-inch MG with one cutting edge for improved machining of large pitches. The inserts are available for a range of profiles – ISO, round (DIN 20400), Trapez, ACME, Stub ACME, American Buttress (Abut) and Metric Buttress (Säge), as well as specials.

The external toolholder range comprises external and internal styles in 25, 32 and 40 mm shank diameters, and 40, 50 and 63 mm for internal toolholders. Maximum tool overhang for internal toolholders is 150 mm.

A high precision clamping system for gear milling inserts has been introduced for guaranteed radial and axial run-out for a wide range of gear, spline and rack applications. An innovative ‘stopper’, pre-assembled onto the toolholder, remains intact when inserts are changed.

Vargus gear production tooling is suited to the machining of both straight and helical teeth gears and gear modules from 0.5 to 6 mm. All materials can be accommodated, from very soft to hardened steels of 60 Hrc, and a full profile can be achieved in accordance with Class 7 DIN 3962.

The tooling features affordable carbide inserts located in standard tool bodies for end, shell and disc milling on 3-axis CNC milling machines (the cutting edge being subject to relatively low loads). This offers production efficiencies compared to high cost hobbing machines and tooling with their lengthy set-ups.

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