Vardex Mega Line presents heavy-duty solutions for extra large pitches

Now available as a standard line in a wide range of profiles.

Vargus Ltd. has launched its Mega Line from Vardex, a new range of solutions for heavy-duty applications with extra large pitches. Formerly only available as special items, Mega Line tools are now available as standard items in a wide range of profiles from the Mega Line catalogue.

Encompassing a pitch range of 10 to 24mm (2-1tpi), the new Mega Line tools feature an innovative insert design with a new geometry that is specially suited for machining heavy duty applications with extra large pitches.

Mega Line tools provide significantly increased levels of stability and support during machining owing to the tailored support of the toolholder to each insert profile. In addition, Mega Line boasts a unique clamping system with an indented insert edge that is designed to withstand increased cutting forces during machining and prevent insert rotation.

Offered in Vargus’ VKX tough submicron grade, Mega Line inserts are available in size IC 5/8”MG with one cutting edge for improved machining of large pitches. Mega Line standard inserts are now available for the following profiles: ISO, Round (DIN 20400), Trapez, ACME, Stub ACME, American Buttress (ABUT), Metric Buttress (Säge) and Specials.

The Mega Line toolholder range comprises external and internal styles in shank diameters of 25mm, 32mm and 40mm for external toolholders and 40mm, 50mm and 63mm for internal toolholders. The maximum tool overhang for internal toolholders is 150mm.

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