Vardex and Pilot Tools seminar

Vargus continues to offer new and updated solutions to the machining specialist.

Pilot Tools and Vardex hosted a seminar for customers, distributors and the local sales team in February 2015 at The Country Club Johannesburg, Auckland Park, Gauteng. William Jubran, Marketing and Business Manager of Vargus Israel, who has been with the company for 47 years, presented the seminar which covered Vardex thread turning and thread milling as well as showcasing the company’s latest product offerings.



Vargus, a pioneer in its field, developed the Vardex indexable laydown thread turning insert technology 50 years ago. The Vargus patented designs continue to be an industry standard, and the company now offers one of the largest ranges of thread turning solutions to the machining specialist with over 6000 different tools in the range.

The Vargus thread milling carbide metal cutting tool system has been recognised in the industry since its initial patented “trapezoidal” indexable system design was introduced. As CNC technology for milling threads races forward, and as thread milling becomes ever more popular as an excellent solution for manufacturing threads of many types, Vargus continues to offer new and updated solutions to the machining specialist.

Some of the latest product offerings showcased at the seminar included:

Mega Line – a new range of solutions for heavy-duty applications with extra large pitches. Encompassing a pitch range of 10 to 24 mm (2-1tpi), the new Mega Line tools feature an innovative insert design with a new geometry.

Vargus GEN Online is a new interactive software program suitable for the most popular web browsing environments. This version ensures that the most updated TT and TM Gen programs are always available online. Vargus GEN Desktop is a standalone software application for MS-Windows based operating systems that can be downloaded to customer computers. Automatic updates are available for this version whenever the user is online.

MiTM Upgrade – new nickel coated toolholders for the complete line which provide better anti-rust protection.

For further information and an opportunity to take advantage of the special promotion, contact the Pilot Tools Sales Call Centre on TEL: 011 607 1818.


William Jubran of Vargus with Colin Morrison of Pilot Tools


Robert Randel and Frans van Wyk, both of MIS, with Michael Pedrosa of North Reef Engineering


Sean Cronin of Toyota, Urban Beeby of Blue Dot and Zane Butler of Measurecut


Matthew Mayhew Senior and Junior of Matthew & Son