United Grinding launch their Rebuild – new from old campaign

A rebuild, or a machine overhaul, makes sense, and not just economically, says United Grinding.

“The operator gets his familiar machine back and continues where he stopped before the overhaul. But he is full of enthusiasm! Because his old machine is like new. In the Studer factory the specialists disassemble the machine into all its individual parts. The guideways are completely refurbished, the assemblies overhauled, the wear parts in the electric cabinet replaced, hydraulic and lubricating system as well as all valves replaced,” says Marcos Cotarelo, Divisional Head and Customer Care Consultant.

“If old spare parts can no longer be obtained, Studer provides an alternative solution. The casing and components are sand-blasted and then given a fresh coat of paint. After assembly the geometry is like that of a new machine. Commissioning is carried out by Studer Customer Care, including a functional and geometry inspection, all CE-compliant.”

“45 000 operating hours. This is how long, or even longer, a 15-year old cylindrical grinding machine is in use. Anything that does this much will wear, and this particularly shows itself in the geometry and precision. High time to give the machine a good overhaul. A machine overhaul at Studer makes an old machine into one that is as good as new, in other words, a machine that has the same tolerances as when it was first delivered. If the requirements on the machine have also changed, the machine can be configured and retrofitted to the customer’s requirements during the overhaul.”

“Over 20 people work on machine overhauls at Studer. This shows the value of rebuild and retrofit at Studer. The customers are always enthusiastic about the transformation and are delighted to put an as-new machine into operation at an excellent price-performance ratio.”

Expanding the component range
If the customer wishes to expand his component range at the same time as the overhaul, he does this with a retrofit. During the machine overhaul the machine can be modified or retrofitted to the customer’s requirements. This opens up new production possibilities on the same machine.

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