Ultrafab to market Modula automated vertical storage and retrieval systems

Vertical storage and retrieval solutions helps you to improve your warehouse productivity and efficiency, recover expensive floor space and keep inventory under control.

“We were in the market for a solution to optimise our factory space, work and warehouse management systems. After an extensive research exercise we engaged Italian manufacturer Modula to install a system for our situation, which they completed in December 2019,” explained Derrick van Niekerk of Ultrafab.

“We were so impressed with the whole experience with Modula – from time of order to the finished installation. We mutually approached each other regarding representing Modula in South Africa and after a visit from Modula , we entered into an agreement with Modula to supply, install and support their systems in South Africa.”

“Modula, established in 1987, is based in Salvaterra in the Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy and has a further two manufacturing facilities in Lewiston, Maine, USA and Sozhou, China. Modula’s main focus is to reduce the wasted space in manufacturing facilities, factories, warehouses and distribution centres by providing automated storage solutions.”

“They manufacture automated vertical storage systems with a series of trays, which is designed to optimise space, work and warehouse management. It is the ideal solution for issues surrounding the management, picking and retrieval of components, as well as semi-processed and finished products, in a diverse range of industries and applications. By utilising the available height of the building, the Modula vertical automated storage system allows you to revolutionise your internal logistics, reducing the footprint requirements of traditional shelving and racking with the introduction of an automated picking system based on the goods-to-man principal.”

“The Modula automated storage system saves you time and helps reduce personnel required for picking operations. The material is stored inside the trays of the vertical lift system (VLS) and traced automatically. The trays are picked up by an automatic lift and delivered to the picking bays. Utilising quick and easy picking operations, the material is retrieved and brought to the operator automatically. The picking access bays can be customised in four different configurations depending on the needs of each individual automatic warehouse and automated storage system. Depending on the available floor space, you can set up a single or dual, internal or external bay.”

“These vertical warehouses are designed to reduce occupied floor space by up to 90%, increase productivity, speed up picking throughput and improve warehouse efficiency by reducing risks to both people and goods.”

“Modula is also the name of the warehouse that they manufacture, which are used to store various types of product, from small electronic components or pharmaceuticals to heavy and bulky objects like moulds or engine/car parts.”

“They have systems installed at aerospace companies such as Dassault Falcon Jet and Safran, Danieli and Ferramenta Gruppi in the metals sector, Autovega, Ford, Subaru, BMW and Audi in the automotive industry and other companies such as Festo, Kuehne + Nagel, Innomed, Honeywell, Bosch, ThyssenKrupp, GF Machining Solutions and Siemens.”

“Each company has its own individual situation and requirements. Modula’s designers will customise your situation around the five different models that they manufacture.”

“The main advantage you will notice straight away is the optimisation of your available space. Not only that, you also save significant amounts of time, as operators stay near the automatic warehouse and don’t have to move around in order to pick or refill components or products.”

“Amongst the advantages of using Modula’s technology are the increased security of your products and safety of your operators. In fact, access to the warehouse is only permitted to authorised operators via advanced recognition systems and the movement of goods is facilitated by an ergonomic and functional warehouse structure.”

“The Modula software manages your warehouse in real time via a user-friendly PC interface which is simple and intuitive. All you need is a PC as a server and a certain number of clients depending on your needs. All this means is that a full multi-user system is within easy reach.”

“We supply the manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers with an array of components such as locks, cable trays, cable ladders, power skirting, cantilever arms, wiring channels, brackets, clamps and fasteners who then install them.”

“The amount of components and products is numerous and come in all shapes and sizes. Flat sheet is bent, formed, punched, stamped or notched. Depending on the component required we also weld and if necessary have the components galvanised or painted for the clients. Many of them are high volume orders that need to be delivered timeously. We have invested in manufacturing equipment but storage of product and components was always a problem for us until we found Modula.”

For further details contact Ultrafab on TEL: 011 474 9810, email info@ultrafab.co.za or visit www.modula.com