Twiga unveils new armoured personnel carrier

After creating the Mamba-based Nyoka armoured personnel carrier (APC) and 82mm Mortar and R107 Rocket Weapon Platforms (WPs), Twiga Services and Logistics has launched the larger Nyati APC, which is now in production.

Twiga says the Nyati is a well-protected 4×4 that uses modern main components while keeping unit costs low. It is mine- and ballistically-protected, with standard NATO STANAG Level 2 ballistic protection up to 7.62mm x 39mm armour piercing rounds; Level 4B blast protection protects up to 10kg mines under the centre of the vehicle. The vehicle is suitable for a wide range of military, security, peacekeeping and policing operations.

Production is underway under a technology transfer agreement for a launch customer in Africa. Twiga said the customer is developing its indigenous defence industry capability and local manufacture of the Nyati APC is part of this process.

Twiga began development of the vehicle at the end of 2018, partly as an in-house project to meet the requirements of a modern 4×4 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) using South African battle experience, and partly for a potential export customer, according to Damian de Lange, CEO of Twiga.