Turkish metal fabricating machinery manufacturer MVD Makina Sanayi A.S now represented in South Africa

Turkish metal fabricating machinery manufacturer MVD Makina Sanayi A.S – a family owned business based in Konya, Turkey – has announced that it will now be represented in South Africa by MVD Machinery (Pty) Ltd South Africa to market and service its range of equipment in the local market.

“After initial meetings at EuroBLECH 2016 we then formalised our agreement with MVD Makina Sanayi A.S at the beginning of the year,” said Carlos Figueiredo, who has over 20 years experience in the marketing of sheet metal machinery in South Africa.

“The company has been manufacturing equipment since the 1950’s and focused on manufacturing sheet metal fabrication equipment in the 1970’s and is now one of the leading manufacturers of this type of equipment in Turkey with installations and representation in over 70 countries. Additionally, the company has been CE compliant since 2001 and is ISO 9001 certified.”

“MVD currently manufacturers approximately 350 machines per year and exports to all major markets. The range of equipment that they manufacture includes CNC fiber laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, CNC press brakes, CNC plasma cutting machines and shears.”

“The company manufactured its first fiber laser cutting machine in 2012 and now has a range of machines covering bed sizes of 3 x 1,5 metre, 4 x 2 metre and 6 x 2 metre. The power source of the machines is IPG Photonics, which we all know is fitted to most laser cutting manufacturers machines. We will be able to supply machines from 2kW up to 8kW. The cutting heads on the machines are supplied by Precitec, again a company that is associated with most of the manufacturers of fiber laser cutting machines. So you can see MVD have not compromised on quality on their machines.”

“Press brakes we are able to supply range from 40 ton x 1,2 metre right up to 1 000 ton x 6 metres and even larger, if required, for special applications including tandem machines. The machines are available with ESA, Cybelec or Delem CNC controls, depending on what the client’s preference is.”

“The CNC turret punch press machines are supplied in two sizes, both with a 30 ton press capacity, but different turret layouts and a maximum of 32 tools, according to the customer’s needs. The bed sizes are 1 250 x 4 000mm or 1 250 x 5 000mm (both with repositioning). Shears can be supplied from 2,5 metres 4mm thickness right up to 6 metres 20mm thickness and also bigger sizes on special application.”

“The CNC plasma machines are available in sheet sizes 3 x 1,5 metres, 4 x 2 metres and 6 x 2 metres and bigger for special applications. The high definition power source ranges from 120 Amp to 400 Amp.”

“For all of the equipment that the company manufactures, MVD makes use of high end European components that are manufactured in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. All machines are designed and analysed with 3D supported computer aided programmes and the machining of components is done on the latest generation CNC machining centers.”

“Turkey has a buoyant manufacturing sector for this type of equipment, which was evident by the number of exhibitors at EuroBLECH 2016. MVD is operating in a competitive space, with a number of them already having a presence in South Africa, so they have to try and stand out with offering quality machines.”

“The company already has machines operating in South Africa and although MVD Machinery (Pty) Ltd South Africa is a relatively new company with my experience and contacts, as well as those of our sister company, Ficar Precision Tooling (Pty) Ltd which is the local distributors for Rate Tooling Ltd and has been distributing a range of CNC punch tooling for all OEM manufactured machines, we intend to make inroads into the market.”

Euram Press brake tooling
“MVD Machinery (Pty) Ltd South Africa has also been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the Euram Press brake tooling. The Italian manufacturer has over 25 years of experience in the worldwide market in the sheet metal bending and press brake tooling sector. The company designs and manufactures standard tools for all types of machines and special tools up to 6.1 metres long.”

“There are plans for us to have our own showroom soon and as for the servicing of the machines, I am qualified to do that, and we have a number of service technicians that we use regularly and can sub-contract to on top of this.”

For further details contact Carlos on 084 587 3791, email carlos@mvdmachinery.co.za or visit www.mvdmachinery.co.za or the Facebook page MVD Machinery (Pty) Ltd South Africa.