Trumpf to introduce entry-level punch laser combination machine at EuroBLECH 2016 amongst many other new machines still to be revealed

Trumpf, a world market leader in sheet metal fabrication equipment and industrial laser technology, will be presenting a new compact entry-level machine at this year’s EuroBLECH.

The TruPunch 1000 can be expanded into an equally space-saving TruMatic 1000 fiber punch laser machine, allowing sheet metal processors to upgrade their machine to keep pace with their growing business.

The Trumpf TruPunch 1000 is a punching machine for the entry-level segment that can gradually be expanded into a fully-fledged combination machine. The result of this evolution is the TruMatic 1000 fiber, a laser machine equipped with a whole host of innovative features that punches holes, bends flanges and forms threads.

The new TruMatic 1000 fiber is the first entry-level punch laser combination machine from Trumpf with a solid-state laser, a move that makes it easier for customers to make the switch from purely 2D laser processing to punch laser technology. It is revolutionary in its modular design and offers users the ability to add to the machine as business grows.


TruPunch 1000: an economical, compact and automation-friendly punching machine that is specifically designed to grow with the business

With its expandable functionality, the TruPunch 1000 provides the perfect entry point into the world of professional punching. It can handle sheets up to 6.4mm thick at rates of up to 600 strokes a minute, yet is remarkably compact. With a footprint of just 6.5 x 4.9 metres, the TruPunch 1000 stand-alone machine is around 15 percent smaller than its predecessor.

Thanks to its novel modular design, the TruPunch 1000 can be retrofitted with a laser cutting system, a laser evacuation unit and a beam guard system.

A 3 kilowatt TruDisk solid-state laser can be connected up to convert the TruPunch 1000 punching machine into a punch laser machine. This configuration precisely matches the other recent addition to the product range of Trumpf – the TruMatic 1000 fiber. Customers who already have a TruDisk solid-state laser can also use this to operate the TruMatic 1000 fiber via the Trumpf laser network. The price of the new machine is undoubtedly appealing, and – with the TruMatic 1000 fiber’s specifications matching those of the previous TruMatic 3000 fiber model – customers don’t need to sacrifice anything in the way of performance.

Revolutionary punching head
Both the new models in the 1000 range offer completely redesigned drive technology, which is crucial to the success of the modular concept. The patented “Delta Drive” literally marks a new movement in the world of industrial punching technology. The advanced engineering team of Trumpf came up with the new drive to facilitate the construction of smaller machines and open up new methods of material handling. The secret of the Delta Drive is that it eliminates the need to move the sheet and work table in the y-axis – normally an integral requirement of sheet metal processing. It achieves this by making the punching head quickly maneuver in that direction – a revolution in punching head technology.


TruMatic 1000 fiber: more compact than any other comparable machines on the market

This new approach involves a drive system that is powered by two servomotors. When the servomotors move in the same direction, they allow the punching head to move back and forth in the y-axis. And when the ball screws rotate in opposite directions, this activates the punching stroke. The y-axis can be accelerated far faster in this arrangement, because the punch drive is also used for travel motion, eliminating the need to move the sheet or work table. As a result, the punching process is more dynamic and the machine is more productive. Furthermore, the lower relative movement between the machine table and the metal sheet reduces the risk of jamming and collisions, making the process more reliable overall. Finally, the stationary machine table significantly reduces the size of the machine’s footprint.

Automatic sorting
Both the TruPunch 1000 and the TruMatic 1000 fiber can automatically sort finished parts measuring up to 180mm × 180mm. All processed parts are sent down a chute into a sorting unit which moves in a linear direction. From there they can be sorted into a series of boxes (up to 4 different 400mm × 300mm boxes). The boxes are positioned below the machine, which provides for easy removal by the operator.

Due to the innovative movement of the punching head, the machine also offers an alternative way to remove the parts. This second method comprises an additional big flexible parts flap, which is available as an optional extra for the TruPunch 1000 and fitted as standard in the TruMatic 1000 fiber.

Intelligent automation and control
Even in their automated versions, these two machines from the 1000 product series are more compact than any other comparable machines on the market. Both of them can also be connected to the new SheetMaster Compact. This automation system loads small and medium-format sheets and blanks and unloads microjoint sheets and scrap skeletons. Thanks to its optimised loading cycles, it can reliably complete most of these tasks while the machine is in operation. Both machines are equipped with an intuitive touchscreen to make life easier for operators. The MobileControl app can also be used to operate the machines from a tablet. The TruTops Boost Punch software is required for programming, but fortunately both the license and maintenance agreement already come with the machines as standard.


The patented Delta Drive eliminates the need to move the metal sheet and machine table in the y-axis by moving the punching head in this axis instead

Promoting startups, Trumpf establishes a venture capital company
Trumpf has also recently founded a venture capital company for funding technology startups that want to play a major role in shaping the future of industry. The company announced that Trumpf Venture began operations in July 2016 and has the goal of building an investment portfolio over the next five years of approximately 40 million euros.

In 2014, Trumpf also founded its own bank, with a view to providing industry-specific finance and appealing primarily to customers in the manufacturing technology sector.

Retecon Machine Tools
Retecon Machine Tools, which forms part of the Retecon (Pty) Ltd Group, have been the sole agents for Trumpf in South Africa for 35 years. In this time they have sold, installed and serviced hundreds of Trumpf’s products at engineering companies in South Africa.


A laser cutting head, laser evacuation unit and beam guard turn the TruPunch 1000 into a TruMatic 1000 fiber

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