Training on the correct and safe use of angle grinder consumables offered at PferdAcademy

The correct handling and application by operators of cutting and grinding machinery are not only critical in terms of operator safety, but also for the longevity of the machine, effective and efficient use of the consumables, as well as the quality of the overall end result. This is why Pferd South Africa is offering operator and distributor training at their PferdAcademy
based in Kempton Park, Gauteng.

Pferd, manufacturer and distributor of abrasive tool solutions for work on surfaces and material cutting, believe that continuous operator training on the correct use of abrasive consumables enhances their performance and plays a direct role in the efficient use of equipment.

“There are many factors that come into play during grinding and cutting applications that impact upon production and safety. Operator fatigue, incorrect tool handling and operation, cross-contamination of materials, incorrect product selection, limited knowledge of the machinery being used, frequency of applications and non-adherence to labelled guidelines on the machinery and consumables itself, all play an important performance role,” said Marius Steyn, Pferd South Africa’s Training Manager.

“The PferdAcademy training modules are specifically designed to address these issues. The aim is to correct operator behaviours in an effort to reduce the risk of injury, tool damage and loss of production time and enable operators to give a higher standard and improved attention to the project on hand,” said Steyn.

With a combination of application-based training, practical workshops (with a range of industry used equipment), e-learning or digital learning, operators will be trained by experienced staff from the world of grinding and cutting in the correct use and understanding of these specialised machine tools. The training will include an analysis of an individual’s requirements and experience and how to establish the best possible tool solutions for the tasks that the operator undertakes. Dedicated training for distributor and retail staff is also offered to assist with improving the product and application knowledge of frontline employees, who interacts directly with customers. The PferdAcademy staff is also available to conduct on-site training where travel is difficult due to time and operational constraints.

Managers and supervisors from companies operating in this sector of the industry are encouraged to identify candidates from their operations who will benefit from the PferdAcademy training courses. Additionally, Pferd offers a train-the-trainer programme for companies to take expertise learnt from the PferdAcademy back to their own working environment. This creates an opportunity for a greater level of skills transfer to factory workers wanting to enhance their technical and operational knowledge.

As a founding member of the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives (oSa), Pferd is committed to ensuring their products adhere to the highest safety standards and performance requirements. Pferd is available to assess your current application and recommend suitable training and product solutions to improve your overall production efficiency.

For further details contact Pferd South Africa on TEL: 011 230 4000 or email or visit