Tornos launches new small part turning centre

Six months after the hugely successful launch of the Tornos GT 26 turning centre, the Swiss sliding head turning specialist is now introducing its smaller Swiss GT13 turning centre. Developed for the production of relatively complex components, the new Tornos Swiss GT13 is the ideal solution for the subcontract manufacturer. Its ergonomic and modular design makes the Swiss GT13 a simple to set, user friendly turning centre that ensures Swiss precision and quality at an attractive price.


The new Swiss GT13 incorporates the kinematics of the larger GT26 with all the adaptations to ensure precision machining of parts from 2 to 13mm bar diameter. Ideal for the medical, dental, electronics, watchmaking and general subcontract sectors, the GT13 is available with either 5 or 6 linear axes. The 5-axis variant incorporates an X1 and Y1 axis for machining from bar. This modular configuration can accept a number of tool holders and driven tools, whilst the rear spindle is located on a cross sliding carriage that allows simultaneous back-end working.

The 6-axis variant is equipped with an extra linear axis for back operation (Y4). The advantage of this design is the increased number of positions and tools while facilitating tool setting procedures. The new automatic turning machine is also easy to use and maintain, thanks in particular to its automatic lubrication unit, easy access swarf tray and a high volume removable oil tank. The 6-axis version of the Swiss GT13 may be fitted with up to 30 tools and this can include 12 rotating tools. The Y-axis offers greatly increased machining capability in secondary operation and allows some complex workpieces to be produced without reworking or re-setting.


As with many of the Tornos range, the new GT13 is designed for use with or without the guide bush as standard. In less than 15 minutes, a machinist can switch from one mode to another. The major benefit of the guide-bushless operation is the potential for material savings. The main spindle has a maximum spindle speed of 15 000rpm and the GT13 can achieve this maximum speed and decelerate to stop in less than one second. This impressive feature drastically improves cycle times by reducing non-productive times when a component requires a number of transverse operations that require the spindle to stop. The counter spindle matches the performance characteristics of the main spindle with 4kW and 13Nm of power.

The development engineers at Tornos have created a tool system that allows a wide choice of units for use in different areas of the machine and on alternate Tornos machines, thereby creating a synergy and flexibility with additional Tornos models. This reduces the cost of tooling and the set up process for any customer operating a number of Tornos turning centres.

Quick and easy programming is achieved via ISO commands, that when combined with the Tornos Machine Interface (TMI), provides all the flexibility the customer could ever need. Linking to the Tornos TISIS software, programming is further simplified and intuitive so the operator can rapidly optimise the process and therefore the programming of components.

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