Tools, inserts improve efficiency – Iscar

Iscar emphasized the theme of ‘Machining Intelligently’ on their stand at the EMO 2013 exhibition where they displayed their latest leading-edge tools. According to Iscar these tools help its customers adapt to high speed, high feed machining, minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) and other modern machining strategies.

Iscar’s tool families intend to increase profitability and improve efficiency under its HighQLine campaign.

Flashturn – small size inserts
In many turning applications people tend to use larger inserts than are actually required for the machining parameters being applied. Therefore, Iscar is introducing a wide range of Flashturn small size inserts, which provide an economical advantage regarding cost per cutting edge.

The new inserts are available in a wide range of geometries, corner radii, chipformers and the most advanced carbide grades.

They are available in WNMG, CNMG, SNMG, DNMG and TNMG geometries. These inserts are thicker than the standard inserts of the same sizes, which provides higher durability. Also available are small size Heliturn LD inserts in CNMX and TNMX geometries. These inserts, like their larger counterparts, have high positive radial, helical cutting edges and positive rake angles – a combination that substantially reduces cutting forces.

Iscar is introducing the Penta-IQ-Grip line for parting and grooving operations with a 5-edged insert for much deeper grooving and parting applications, compared with currently available pentagonal inserts.

Penta-IQ-Grip has an innovative dovetail clamping structure that ensures a face contact of the insert, which means that the insert is very rigid in the pocket and therefore capable of recessing and holding side forces. All these characteristics ensure excellent straightness and surface finish for parting applications.

A new user-friendly clamping mechanism enables easy and quick cutting edge and insert indexing. Three insert sizes are available for parting 20, 30 and 40 mm diameters.
Penta-IQ-Grip is a powerful insert with 5 edges for accurate parting and grooving operations.

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