Toolquip & Allied launch NuAir Rhino air compressor

Toolquip & Allied has launched a large 250kW air compressor into the South African marketplace. The new air compressor, The Rhino, will be used predominately in the mining industry.

With the recent formation of the Compressor Division, Toolquip & Allied wanted a good quality reciprocating compressor to suit their industrial based clients. After extensive research and a trip to Europe, they believe they have found the perfect supplier of quality compressors. NuAir is an international organisation synonymous with Italian engineering and innovative technical solutions. With their proven track record, experience and commitment to quality, NuAir is the ideal brand to partner with Toolquip & Allied.

Toolquip & Allied is now the national distributor for the NuAir compressor brand. At Toolquip & Allied, they have a massive commitment to supplying quality products and after sales service to their clients. They have 9 dedicated branches around South Africa with knowledgeable and experienced technicians, ready to help with any compressor related problems.


NuAir offers a large 250kW Power System Direct Driven screw air compressor which can provide a high performance solution for the most demanding applications. This compressor is built using the highest quality components which results in an extremely durable, quiet and energy efficient air compressor that is built to last.

The air-oil heat exchangers in this compressor guarantee low operating temperatures even in severe working conditions. The large coolers coupled with thermostatically controlled electro-fans ensure lower compressed air outlet temperatures, eliminating the risk of condensate formation in the lubricant. This provides the best protection against damage to the compressor’s internal components which ensures a much longer service life to the entire compressor.

Toolquip & Allied has named this compressor The Rhino. This name has been chosen specifically for the South African market to represent the compressors size, colour and reliability in harsh environments.

“We want to supply a good quality compressor to the industry that is vital to the economic future of this country but also with the view to giving back on the name of the compressor,” says Trevor Volker, manager at Toolquip & Allied. As such, they are in negotiations to donate to a Stop Rhino Poaching organisation.

For more information contact Trevor Volker at Toolquip & Allied on TEL: 011 370 2727,