Tongtai’s milling and tapping centers – VTX series

Tongtai says its VTX series is the fastest CNC milling and tapping center in its class for high volume, high precision machining needs. The compact size consumes very little valuable floor space while the blazing speed will deliver more parts per hour than the competition. The machine is a fixed column/moving table type design.

The series features a Meehanite cast iron frame and roller type linear slideways for rigidity and fast, precise movement. The 25mm diameter ballscrews are class 3 with a double nut pre-loaded design allowing a standard rapid traverse rate of 60 metres per minute in all axes with acceleration of 1.2G. The ABS (Absolute Pulse Coder) servo system does not require zero return. The machine can be started anytime from any position, saving non-productive time. A standard bed flushing system provides efficient chip removal.

The VTX is equipped with a 21 tool turret type ATC or a 20 tool arm-type ATC system. The VTX’s standard 21-station turret style servo automatic tool changer provides fast, reliable tool selection. Complete tool change time is only 1.4 seconds tool to tool and 1.9 seconds chip to chip. The 20-station high-speed arm-type ATC reduces tool change time to 0.8 seconds and 1.3 seconds chip to chip.

The 5,6kW, 12 000rpm direct drive spindle provide rigid tap speeds up to 6 000rpm. An optional 24 000rpm direct drive spindle delivers high rpm for aluminium/magnesium parts machining as well as an excellent choice for graphite. A spindle chiller is standard. The BBT-30 (Big Plus dual contact) taper is standard for rigid milling. Coolant through the spindle preparation is also standard.

The Mitsubishi M80A control is standard and is suitable for a wide range of applications from production to high speed machining applications. The M80A control features a 10.4” touch screen with intuitive smart phone type operation. A dedicated CNC CPU provides phenomenal processing speeds. An all new high response servo system with 1 000 000 pulse encoders is provided for state-of-the-art speed and accuracy. The Mitsubishi control comes with an industry leading 3 year parts and labor warranty!

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