Tongtai’s iTD-2000YBC new CNC turning centre

Tongtai’s iTD-2000YBC is an advanced, high precision CNC turning centre cast from Meehanite iron. This machine features a rigid, ergonomic, and super accurate 75° bed design for excellent chip flow and operator accessibility. The 75° bed also simplifies the programming of the optional Y-axis as the Y- axis is perpendicular to the X-axis like a vertical machining center. High rapid-traverse rates using 45mm roller type linear ways are also achieved to reduce non-cutting time.


X-axis cross travel is 230mm, Z-axis longitudinal travel is 600mm, B-axis sub-spindle travel is 630mm, and optional Y-axis travel is +/- 50mm from the centre line. The main spindle is driven by a 15kW, high torque motor that provides power and fast acceleration at 4,500 rpms. The 5,000 rpm sub-spindle is driven by a 7,5kW high torque integral motor spindle. The spindles are synchronised on the fly for part transfer to the sub-spindle. Rapid traverse feed rates for X, Z, and B-axes are 30m/min. and 15m/min. on Y. Standard equipment also includes a tool setter and chip conveyor.

A 12-station bi-directional servo BMT-65 (16 station BMT-55 optional) turret provides 0.3 second indexing and coolant through the tool holders. A full C-axis with live tools is standard for milling operations on both the main sub-spindles.

The true linear Y-axis provides turret movement perpendicular to the X-axis for complex off centre milling functions and easy programming. The Fanuc OiT-F CNC control is standard and fully loaded with operator-friendly features including Manual Guide i Conversational.

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