Tongtai TMS Series 5-axis mill/turn centers feature B-axis head

The Tongtai TMS Series mill/turn machines are available in four different models, each available in three different configurations with up to nine total axes.

The standard Tongtai TMS machine has a programmable tailstock. The TMS-S has a sub-spindle in place of the tailstock, and the TMS-ST features both a sub-spindle and a lower turning turret. Maximum turning diameter for the machines is 660mm with bed lengths up to 2 000mm.

The TMS Series consists of the TMS-2000 (8” chuck, 2.5” bar), TMS-2500 (10” chuck, 3” bar), TMS-3000 (12” chuck, 3” bar), and TMS-3800 (15” chuck, 3.5” bar). These machines feature a one piece 75° mono-block slant bed that permits free flow of chips as well as easy access to the spindles and cutting tools. A true linear (perpendicular) Y-axis simplifies programming. Roller-type linear guideways in all axes and large-diameter pre-tensioned ballscrews provide precise position accuracy. Machine chassis are made of Meehanite cast iron for rigidity and vibration dampening.

Both main and sub-spindles feature dual-wound integral motors with electronic high/low gears. Both spindles have a full contouring Cs-axis with braking system. Three-piece Hirth couplings rigidly lock the spindles in place in 1˚ increments for heavy milling and high accuracy. Spindle power ranges from 20HP on the TMS-2000 to 40HP on the TMS-3800. Both main and sub-spindles are liquid cooled for thermal stability.

The B-axis milling spindle features a zero-backlash roller gear drive with high-speed rotation of 33.3rpm and +/- 120˚ of movement from the vertical position. It features a rigid 3-piece coupling to lock the spindle in place for heavy turning and can be indexed in 15° increments. The integral spindle milling motor delivers 22.3kW and 12 000rpm. A 40 station (80 optional) arm type tool changer is standard, and an optional 10 station lower turret provides turning capability to each spindle as well as pinch turning ability with the B-axis. The automatic tool changer is available in either HSK-63T or Sandvik Capto C-6 tooling systems.

The standard Fanuc 31iT-B provides two-path control for simultaneous turning operations as well as 4+1 milling ability. The optional 31iT-B5 or Siemens 840D enables 5-axis simultaneous milling.

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