Threading cost with TaeguTec’s TS-THREAD

To machine threads quickly and precisely, TaeguTec offers the TS-THREAD line, which enhances the efficiency of the thread-making process by cutting processing time and costs while also minimising the likelihood of manufacturing defective products.

TaeguTec offers a large selection of thread milling cutters that meet the standards for both internal and external threading.

For the manufacturing of internal and external, as well as right and left-hand full profile threads, TaeguTec offers the TTMT line as an indexable insert type, which offers excellent chip control with high precision and high surface quality.

For thread milling applications that use indexable inserts, TaeguTec recommends either the MTE D end mill line or the MTF shell mill tool.

Since these tools can mount different thread inserts with varying profiles, one tool can be used to produce a variety of thread standards and can produce both right-hand and left-hand threads. Internal coolant that is directed toward the cutting region is present in both lines.

The MTE D end mill type improves overall machining performance due to its high rigidity feature, and the MTF is recommended for large thread diameters with high accuracy and uniformity.

For thread milling operations, TaeguTec provides a complete line of solid carbide end mills that have a diameter ranging from 0.72mm to 20mm and are suitable to machine a variety of materials, including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, and more. Cutting geometry, helix angle, number of flutes, length, and grades differ between the tools.

Solid carbide thread mills without coolant channels from the MTEC line are typically suitable for internal and external thread milling. With the exception of gummy and sticky materials, this family can be used to produce thread from any sort of material.

To improve tool life in all thread milling applications, the MTECB line is a group of solid carbide thread mills with a coolant hole that are intended for milling internal threads in blind holes but can also frequently be used to produce external threads.

For extremely exact profiles on small internal and exterior threads, TaeguTec offers the TS-THREAD MTECS solid carbide thread mills. The cutting zone of these one-of-a-kind thread mills is only three teeth long, has three flutes, and has a released neck between the cutting zone and the shank.

Solid short left-hand cut MTECSH carbide thread mills are used to create small internal threads in hard materials. These thread mills have a released neck between the cutting zone and the shank and a short 3-tooth cutting with three flutes.

MTECI partial-profile solid carbide thread mills with coolant holes offer a universal solution for a variety of pitch and thread sizes.

For internal deep thread milling, the TS-THREAD MTECQ family of solid carbide thread mills with coolant holes and smaller neck diameters between the cutting zone and the shank is advised. Thread lengths up to 3.2 x DC can be machined with this tool.

TaeguTec strives to provide threading tools that enhance overall performance, lower costs, and increase the efficiency of the threading process.

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