Thermacut’s Ex-Trafire plasma cutting system

The Ex‑Trafire portfolio of single-phase plasma cutting power supplies from Thermacut includes the Ex-Trafire 30H and the Ex-Trafire 40SD. The 30H system is for handheld applications, while the 40SD system is designed for use with manual or machine torches in lengths of 4, 5, 7.5 and 15 metres. The power supplies range from 30amp to 100amp.

Thermacut are constantly looking to bring fresh ideas into plasma cutting technology and has stood for high-quality wear parts for many years. With the new Ex-Trafire 45SD, Thermacut presents a powerful plasma cutting system for manual use and mechanised applications. This is ideal for professionals and demanding beginners. With a maximum cutting current of 45A and a cutting power of 6.5kW, it cuts sheet metal up to 25mm.

There are 11 different models in the Ex-Trafire range – handheld and mechanised – all ideal for plasma cutting, gouging and marking. Maximum cutting range is up to 50mm for low alloy steel and piercing up to 20mm.

In 2018 Thermacut released three new three-phase machine plasma cutting systems. These systems are equipped with electronics and a standardised connector for communication with numerically controlled (CNC) cutting machines. Managing these assemblies is simple and intuitive.

The systems are equipped with Thermacut’s FHT-EX105H handheld torch, which is available in lengths of 5, 8, 15, and 23 metres (for non-standard cutting applications). The FHT-EX105H torch features contact ignition of the plasma pilot arc and offers long service life while preserving cut quality. The torch is available with consumables for both standard cutting and gouging. Gouging is a method of removing material by melting. For example, it can be used in applications where it necessary to repair or remove a weld, or where it is necessary to take apart the welded parts without damaging them.

Applications include farming and agriculture, property/plant maintenance, general manufacturing, training schools, metal artworks, car repair, HVAC, home hobby and general engineering

Torch Tech have been associated with Thermacut for 15 years and have supplied many consumables for all brands of OEMs that are being used in South Africa, as well as the plasma cutting systems.

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