The Okuma MB-80V is largest in the MB-V series of vertical machining centers

The largest vertical machining center in Okuma’s MB-V series, the MB-80V has table dimensions of 1 600mm by 800mm and XYZ travel of up to 1 600mm by 1 050mm by 600mm.

When used, for example, for machining cubic parts, mould components or semiconductor components, the vertical machining center especially excels with its high repeat accuracy, excellent dynamics and high-performance milling. This ensures maximum quality, productivity and precision. Precision is further guaranteed through the proven rigid double column structure. In addition, the machine was designed in such a way that significant quantities of aluminium chips can also be removed. This guarantees maximum machine utilisation.

The simple operation of the MB-80V with the Okuma OSP P300 controller can also be customised to meet individual customer requirements. A number of control engineering applications are available, such as the Hyper-Surface high-speed control or Machining Navi, to avoid vibrations during machining. The software option One-Touch IGF makes workshop programming easier. The Thermo-Friendly Concept from Okuma also guarantees maximum process reliability, dimensional stability and shape accuracy in the manufacturing world as standard.

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