The new hyperMILL 2023.1

The programme’s efficient programming and machining strategies promote accurate, efficient 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis and mill/turn machining.

Developed with Industry 4.0 in mind, the hyperMILL virtual machining provides postprocessing, and G-code simulation, including a virtual machining optimiser that offers innovative solutions to improve toolpaths traditionally calculated in the CAM engine. The optimiser also incorporates knowledge of the part model, tooling, the toolpath calculation, and collision check engine, and the machine tool model with its physical constraints.

New, improved linking logic in hyperMILL virtual machining optimiser for 5-axis table to table machines are also highlighted. The virtual machining optimiser module links individual part programmes with smooth and safe connections and an Optimised Table-Table Logic option automatically calculates smooth connections between a retract move and subsequent insert, including optimisation of clearance planes.

hyperMILL VirtuaL Machining Optimiser enables individual part programmes to be linked with smooth, safe connections

There is also a new virtual machining capability for additive manufacturing processes, for which machines often have limited axis ranges. The hyperMILL virtual machining optimiser can be used during NC code generation to simulate and optimise additive tool paths.

The additive manufacturing process in hyperMILL CAM software supports both 3D printing and subtractive machining on a single machine tool. hyperMILL additive manufacturing technology offers flexible strategies for additive material applications, including filling strategies for both planes and free-form shapes, and in 2D and 3D sections.

Applications also include hybrid machining to fix damaged parts and additive machining of an existing component.

A new hyperMILL Automation Centre allows users to automate the job list creation processes in hyperCAD-S, serving as both a development and runtime environment. New features include the ability to select and position the clamping device, as well as to define a uniform process for all programmers.

There is a new break-edge function for contour milling, combined pocket milling together with a finish path allowing cutter compensation, and increased efficiency for 3D plane machining.

The new, automated 3D plane machining strategy improves machining quality by searching for suitable, high-performance path layouts according to parameters including when adaptive pockets are present. There are new extensions to the hyperMILL mill/turn capability that enable more streamlined programming, simulation processing and management for machines with main and counter spindle configurations.

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