The Hommel-Etamic Wavemove CNC measuring station from Jenoptik Industrial Metrology

The Hommel-Etamic Wavemove CNC measuring station from Jenoptik Industrial Metrology combines high-precision measurement with eight fully automatic movable axes to measure both roughness and contours in a single run. The automated measuring station is well-suited to automotive applications, including crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder blocks and cylinder heads. For example, the system can measure roughness on the main and pin bearings, as well as on the thrust surfaces of a crankshaft, while the contour probe can be used to measure crowning on the main and pin bearing as well as the groove radii, simultaneously.

The system is integrated into the production process as an SPC measuring station. Workpieces can be clamped in at any stage of production, and the system recognizes the workpiece and automatically suggests predefined measuring points via the operating program. Once the workpiece is clamped correctly, the operator uses a DMC hand-held scanner to capture the data matrix code. Depending on the stage of production and the workpiece type, the operator selects the appropriate measuring program and starts the measuring run.


The measuring probes travel independently to the predefined measuring points on the workpiece, and the movable axes enable the measuring column to be moved up and down and side to side. In addition, the pickup element for the workpiece is mounted on a 360-degree turntable and can also be moved in different directions, and the traverse unit and measuring probe can be tilted, swiveled and rotated. The motorized positioning unit is mounted on a granite plate and can be programmed to move the measuring column on an air slide.

The system’s control panel is said to offer a simple interface for programming CNC programs. An optional safety system for the loading process includes a light curtain and sensors to monitor component clamping.

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