The future is bright with Mazatrol Smooth Controls

With an eye on automation and process optimisation, many people are quickly seduced by beautiful robotic arms, attractive pallet systems and trendy self-driving vehicles. Less conspicuous alongside all this moving hardware, but certainly just as interesting to consider, are new software solutions. One interesting feature that Mazak has added to the Mazatrol SmoothAi CNC controller is Solid Mazatrol. The solution makes programming easier and faster.

A new functionality in SmoothAi that can solve the skills shortage is Solid Mazatrol. Mazak has developed this feature to simplify and speed up the programming of relatively complex workpieces. With Solid Mazatrol, programmes can be automatically generated from 3D models, using artificial intelligence to intuitively learn and understand the cutting strategies used by the manufacturer. This can reduce programming time by as much as 90%, according to Mazak.

The automation-ready Variaxis C-600 simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining center with Mazatrol Smooth AI CNC produces a wide range of parts from steel and non-ferrous metals. The machine includes a standard 30-tool changer, dual-supported tilting table and copious spindle options, and provides up to 120-tool storage. Paired with the RoboJob Turn Assist, the robot system that transforms small to medium-sized production batches for high-mix job shops. RoboJob achieves smooth, efficient movement for loading and unloading parts – without complicated teaching routines.

As an option for the Mazatrol Smooth AI CNC, Mazak’s Smooth Cam AI simulates and analyses data for multiple machines and optimises machining parameters in real-time. Along with machine simulations, Smooth Cam AI makes it possible to prepare programs on a remote PC and advantage of real-time data access through Mazatrol Twins to create fully accurate outcomes based on actual machine data.

SMOOTH Monitor easily keeps track of the entire manufacturing environment in nearly real-time to eliminate bottlenecks, streamline production and optimise processes.

Maztrol CNC simulators help shop personnel learn and pre-program Mazatrol CNCs with software emulation that enables operators to transition to new machine tools and simplifies the accurate creation of complex parts.

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