The Amada Global Innovation Centre: Unlimited opportunities to shape the future of fabrication

The new cutting-edge AGIC empowers fabricators to embrace the “why is this possible,” beyond the “what is possible,” regarding metal fabrication machinery and solutions.

Imagine metal fabricators gathering in one inspiring facility, collaborating with engineers to co-create the future of the metalworking industry. Picture a venue that encourages fabricators to explore new shapes, experience the promise of emerging sectors such as electric vehicles and new processes in aluminium, as well as utilizing materials yet to be developed – the possibilities are infinite.

Earlier this year Amada opened the “Amada Global Innovation Center” at the company Head Office in Isehara. Based on the concept of being a “place for co-creating the future of metalworking” the AGIC was newly established to solve the numerous issues faced by customers around the world, including their demands for “support for new materials and processing technologies”, “improvement of automation and productivity,” and production innovation. The existing “Solution Center” was fully refurbished to create a facility with a total floor space of approximately 30 000 m2 and state-of-the-art functions in the largest facility in the industry worldwide.

AGIC is equipped with a diverse range of environments and functions. This includes the Innovation LABO, which is a laboratory space specifically for customers, and the Innovation SITE, where customers can experience over 90 models of the latest machine and technology products. This location also includes the Engineering FIELD, which utilizes the know-how accumulated by Amada utilizing the latest IoT systems, and the Area for Creating the Future of Manufacturing with state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment and information devices. Customers using the AGIC will work together with Amada to explore the future of manufacturing and utilize the facility as a place to create innovation.

Amada established the new Innovation LABO at the AGIC as the first facility in the industry to contribute to the resolution of these issues, and will be taking on the challenge of future processing technology by verifying the customers’ manufacturing. In nine customer-specific spaces that are always equipped with the latest solutions and advanced inspection equipment, customers can address the various issues they face in their own company by working together with the technical staff of Amada to verify their processing and matters such as quality requirements there and then.

“Innovation Site” has product areas for sheet metal, cutting and structural, and presses, but it is not simply a conventional display of the machines. With the concept of going from “what is possible” to “why it is possible,” the facility enables visitors to experience Amada’s elemental and latest technology, such as for mechanisms and structures. The aim is to deepen the understanding and satisfaction of the customers by providing them with an experience centred on the technical reasons for why the accuracy is higher than before and why the processing is possible.

AGIC was also completely renovated as an environmentally friendly building. Through collaboration with major general contractors and various manufacturers in Japan, the latest air conditioning equipment and lighting was installed, the energy consumption was reduced, and also renewable energy is utilized, including with the large-scale installation of solar power generation. As a result, the CO2 generation was reduced by half compared to the previous Solution Centre.

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