The all new powerful Gühring RF 100 Speed 5-fluted and 7-fluted cutters

Especially when performing milling operations with very tough materials, it is only possible to increase the cutting speed to a limited extent while taking process reliability into account. Due to the increased number of teeth of the RF 100 Speed 5-fluted and 7-fluted cutter Ratio milling cutter, high metal removal rates can be achieved with stable process reliability, even with these difficult-to-machine materials, says Gühring.

The RF 100 Speed 5-fluted and 7-fluted Ratio milling cutter is now an addition to the Speed family and allows for highly dynamic Gühring Trochoidal Cutting (GTC) processes with an ae of up to 10%. In the event of a restricted machine speed or cutting speeds limited by the material, the increased number of teeth ensure high-feed rates and long life. They are particularly suitable for difficult-to-machine materials in stable conditions.

RF 100 Speed P and M
The 5 and 7 Speed add to the established RF 100 Speed range with the P and M material
specialists. They are suitable for GTC machining at an ae of up to 15%. Thanks to the high spiral angle of 48° with unequal cutting edge distribution for soft, quiet cutting and large flutes, the FT 100 Speed P and the RF 100 Speed M ensure a low load on the machine and power consumption. The lower number of teeth provide maximum chip space for good chip evacuation. Different versions of the milling tools are available. The long version has chip breakers in order to break chips into short pieces and therefore ensures smooth chip evacuation. Large face chip spaces and the improved web thinning enables reliable plunging. The optimised corner protection chamfer and face correction protect the cutting edge corner, as the most delicate part of the tool, from two sides, meaning that the cutting edge is also able to withstand heavy shear loads. Through this combination, the tool life is significantly longer.

New milling strategy: Roughing with GTC
GTC roughing is ideal for machining large cutting depths, as the roughing cutter machines the entire depth of the workpiece with the whole length of the cutting edge. Controlling the cutter path with low radial feed allows for comparatively gentle edging of the workpiece, as the cutting forces are distributed evenly over the entire length of the cutting edge.

This allows for high processing speeds and long service lives. GTC is the first choice for applications with enormous material removal rates. The components to be machined are usually made of high-strength steels, which place increased demands on the machining process. In order to achieve appropriate results, higher cutting speeds, higher feed rates per tooth and greater cutting depths are used. The high cutting speeds are achieved with the help of high revolution frequencies, as long as the milling machine allows for this. By using the entire length, the load placed on the cutting edges of the milling cutter at the perimeter is significantly less and wear is reduced. The milling process is not new, but it is only on the basis of the performance of today’s machining centers and geometry adjustments and the wear resistance of milling tools that GTC shows itself to be an advancement in machining when it comes to enormous metal removal rates. The RF 100 Speed has a corresponding geometry in order to meet the demands of tough, low and high-alloy steels and difficult-to-machine materials, particularly in state-of-the-art application technologies such as the GTC milling strategy.

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