The AgieCharmilles CUT P Pro series for higher productivity

Before launching the CUT X series, GF Machining Solutions launched the AgieCharmilles CUT P Pro series of wire-cutting EDM machines, designed for increased productivity and ideal for every application with the largest technology database. The series includes the CUT P 350 Pro, the 550 Pro and the 800 Pro with robust designs and the intuitive interface Uniqua as well as automation options for lights-out operation.

With Intelligent Power Generator with Direct Power Supply (IPG-DPS), also available for the CUT X series, the CUT P Pro series’ machines deliver surface finishes as smooth as up to Ra 0.08µm and heighten accuracy with integrated thermal regulation that allows them to achieve an accuracy of ±2µm.

Linear scales and rotary encoders form a double measuring system that protects the X, Y, Z, U and V axes. In the event of a collision, the energy absorber system automatically stops the axes without damage to machine or workpiece. This full protection applies at machine speeds of up to 3m/min.

In the Quadrax mechanical system of the CUT P Pro series, the table, work tank and dielectric liquid remain stable, and the workpiece does not move, accommodating heavy workpieces. Independent U/V and X/Y axes with equal length (X = U travel; Y = V travel), constant, lower mass and completely independent movement produce large, precise tapered cuts. In addition, the Rhenocast machine base offers lower thermal conductivity and a vibration damping system.

Automation solutions for the CUT P Pro series include Automatic Slug Management (ASM), Automatic Slug Welding (ASW), and the option of a fixed or retractable Renishaw mechanical touch probe to measure workpiece planarity and position on the machine’s worktable. Scalable automation options from System 3R maintain unattended production, including a WorkPartner 1+ compact robot with raw materials that can feed up to two wire-cutting EDM machines for more than two days without operator intervention.

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