TBA Tools appointed YG-1 agent

YG-1, the South Korean-based company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of cutting tools and that opened up a subsidiary in South Africa just under three years ago, has appointed TBA Tools as an agent to market the YG-1 brand of cutting tools.

YG-1, whose cutting tools have been widely distributed in South Africa for many years, has an established name in South Africa and worldwide. The company manufactures a range of products covering HSS, milling, drilling, turning, threading as well as boring. The YG-1 company was established in 1982 and has been growing as a leading global manufacturer and solution provider in the cutting tool industry. YG-1 operates its global business through nine overseas production sites including the United States, Ireland, South Korea and China, has technical centres in the United States and Germany, has 30 sales subsidiaries and has a presence in 75 countries.

YG-1 have more than 5 000 employees working globally across various functions of R&D, production, sales and marketing, supply chain, finance and human resources. More recently the company has set up a production facility in India and expanded its production and R&D facilities in South Korea where it is regarded as the number one cutting tool manufacturer in that country and now among the top five in the world.

TBA Tools is owned and run by Tony Beverley who, prior to opening his own business in 1998, worked for Toolquip & Allied for 20 years. TBA Tools, also known as Tony Beverley Agencies, supply industrial type machines, tools and accessories to the manufacturing industry, with an emphasis on the metalworking and machine tool industry.

“Through my own business that has been in existence for over 20 years and my previous employers I have many years of experience with YG-1 tooling and dealing with the company. Hokeun Song, the Founder and Chairman of YG-1, only believes in quality and if it is not perfect it is not YG-1. When a new YG-1 product is conceptualised and developed, more than 100 per cent is given to development of the product so that it is recognised as a quality and innovative product for its area of machining,” quipped Beverley.

“Their products find applications across industries, such as aerospace, die and mould, automobile, oil and gas, power, electronics, general engineering and medical equipment.”

“We supply abrasives, air tools, blading, measuring instruments, specialised tooling, cutting tools, machine tools, machine tool accessories, hand tools, CNC machine tools, aircraft component, assembly tools, aircraft composite and aluminium component cutting tools, personal safety equipment, welding equipment and power tools to all of these industries,” continued Beverley.

Noga Engineering
“Another company that we have recently strengthened our existing ties with is Israeli manufacturer Noga Engineering, a worldwide manufacturing leader in deburring systems, holding systems and cutting fluid applicators. Noga holding systems offer perfect solutions for dial and lever type indicators, with a full lineup of heavy-duty blade sets, deburring tools, fixed high pressure cooling arms and more. Noga deburring systems and tools handle all types of materials with ease by combining innovative design and forward-thinking to provide maximum heat dissipation and extended tool life.”

For further details contact TBA Tools on TEL: 012 653 4018 or visit www.tonybeverleytools.co.za