TASA to host ISTMA 2014 in Cape Town

Cape Town

The Cape Town International Convention Centre is the venue where the ISTMA 2014 World Conference will take place in March 2014. A two day Toolmaking Industry and Associated Skill Exhibition will run alongside the conference, focussing on career opportunities in the tool design and manufacturing industry in South Africa. The exhibition provides an opportunity for companies and organisations to gain exposure to the delegates attending the conference and students looking for career guidance. Exhibitors will be further supported by the participation of the Regional Tooling Initiatives through which the revitalisation of the South African tooling industry is driven.

The ISTMA World Conference is one of the most important events on the Association’s calendar, where delegates meet to share information and experiences within the sector, analyse trends and new challenges for the tooling industry worldwide.

More than 300 international delegates from some 20 countries attended the last ISTMA World Conference, which was held in Windsor, Canada in 2010.

On Wednesday March 12 the ISTMA Regional meetings will take place in the morning and the ISTMA World Assembly in the afternoon. These sessions will be followed by the exhibition opening and the welcome cocktail function in the evening.

Thursday will see technical sessions take place in the morning and afternoon followed by a plant tour and the gala dinner in the evening. Friday, the last day of the official conference, will again have various technical sessions followed by a plant tour.

Attendees have a chance to attend eight technical sessions. Session topics include: The South African Tooling Initiative: A turnaround strategy, Challenges of expanding into Africa, A structured approach to workshop (toolroom) management in a working economy, additive manufacture for the tooling industry, ISTMA tooling statistics, mechatronics and advanced assembly, benchmarking, clustering and collaboration.

Special extended social tours will take place on the weekend and tours for accompanying partners have been planned.


“On behalf of ISTMA we invite you to join us in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa for the 14th International Special Tooling & Machining Association – World Conference. Cape Town is a stunning venue offering a world class convention centre and a vast array of fascinating and interesting places to visit including six of South Africa’s top ten tourist attractions within a 30 minute drive of the city,” said Bob Williamson, National Chairman of the
Toolmaking Association South Africa.

Registration forms and full details on the conference, fees, sponsorships, exhibition costs, the programme and the technical sessions are available on the website www.sbs.co.za/istma2014


The Toolmaking Association of South Africa (TASA) is a full member of the International Special Tooling & Machining Association, a multi-national organisation representing the world tooling industry. ISTMA promotes international meetings to support a worldwide exchange of experience. Every three years a major World conference takes place. In March 2014 we are privileged to be its host in Cape Town.

ISTMA is an international association representing thirty special tooling and machining associations throughout the world.  Collectively, ISTMA member associations represent over 8,000 companies and over $40 billion U.S. dollars in annual sales.

For further details visit the website www.sbs.co.za/istma2014