Tapmatic self-reversing manually controlled tapping heads

For conventional drill press and milling machine applications or large capacity on manual or CNC equipment.

Tapmatic specialises in self-reversing attachments for conventional milling and drilling machines, CNC machining centers and CNC lathes with driven tooling.

The biggest advantage to a self-reversing tapping attachment is cycle time. For example, if you are tapping an M8 sized hole at 2 500rpm, a self-reversing attachment will save you 35 to 40 per cent on cycle time, compared to tapping the same hole at the same speed by reversing the machine. Those numbers are not guesswork, either. Tapmatic has tested its method against the alternatives, and the productivity gains are impressive.

Tapping heads feature an internal gearbox and are self-reversing. They allow a machine spindle to continuously rotate in one direction. The tapping attachment rotates and feeds the tap into the hole. Once the desired thread depth is reached, the attachment’s gearing reverses direction and the tap is retracted from the hole without the machine spindle stopping or reversing direction.

Tapmatic’s self-reversing attachments keep a constant tapping speed for optimum tap life. This means ideal chip flow with perfect thread surface, constant high rpm up to 5000 and shorter machining time due to saving two spindle reversals per tapped hole therefore reduced wear to expensive CNC machines and in most cases a 50% to 100% increased tap life

Self-feed permits the tap to act as its own lead screw. The self-feed accommodates any differences between thread pitch and machine feed control. The tap is propelled by rotation only and cuts a thread without pressure. This guarantees a thread of high quality, which is as accurate as the tap itself.

RDT/RDT-IC tapping attachment
Thread cutting is the only machining operation, which requires a change of direction for the return of the tool. This can be laborious, it also causes wear and is a costly procedure for any machine.

RDT and RDT-IC reversing tapping attachments are specially designed for fastest thread manufacturing on CNC machining centers. They also eliminate reversal related machine wear and tear and reduce energy consumption. The patented ball drive with integrated planet gear for automatic reversal creates an almost constant cutting speed and eliminates the need to start the machine spindle twice per thread. By using the RDT tapping attachments the cycle time is reduced and the life of the tap is increased. The IC-version allows coolant to flow directly through the tapping head.

New Drill-n-Tap 50 self-reversing tapping heads for tapping and drilling
Now you can center drill, drill and tap on your conventional drill press or milling machine using the tapping head for all three steps. Save time by eliminating the need to change from a drill chuck to the tapping head. Tapmatic’s unique design holds drills concentrically.

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