TaeguTec’s threading line available for external threading applications

TaeguTec’s QuadRush line, known for high accuracy and surface quality, is now available for external threading applications. With this expansion into threading applications, TaeguTec is providing end-users the highest productivity and economical tools already employed by end-users in parting and grooving applications.

Furthermore, the QuadRush insert’s unique, multi-corner four cutting edges has been expanded to 60 degrees and 55 degrees partial profiles.

The new line includes the latest GoldRush coating – TT9080 grade – for maximum protection against tool wear and better surface roughness during operations on titanium, high-temperature and titanium alloys, stainless, non- and low-alloy steels and cast iron.

The QuadRush insert’s unique chip former enables machining in multiple applications providing excellent chip control, outstanding performance and repeatability.

The addition of the threading line from the Asian metalworking giant’s highly popular QuadRush brand expands the family beyond grooving, parting, lateral turning and chamfer machining.

A further benefit of the new addition to the four corner family of tools is that all QuadRush threading inserts are compatible with QuadRush standard cartridges and holders.

TaeguTec has added reinforced boring bars to the Quad-I-Rush family: Rigidity enhanced boring bars for internal grooving and turning
The Quad-I-Rush family now includes rigidity enhanced boring bars, extending the range’s capabilities. The new line is available in 16, 20, 25 and 32mm diameters, and includes more shank sizes than the current 16mm and 20mm diameters. With the rigidity enhanced boring bars, machining reliability, surface roughness and productivity have been improved.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com