TaeguTec’s Tang-SFeed inserts and cutter line

TaeguTec has launched a new and wide range of inserts and cutters named SFeedTec. Part of the range is the Tang-SFeed insert and cutter line, a double-sided four-corner tangential insert line.

TaeguTec’s new tangential type Tang-SFeed line is a double-sided four-corner tangential type insert, high-productivity shoulder mill with tangential insert for a higher productivity perpendicular machining solution capable of ramping applications. Furthermore, the insert’s high-positive helical cutting-edge design means high machining performance.

The new line is available in two insert sizes: 9mm and 14mm and related cutters. Also included is a general purpose LPKU insert and a high precision LPHU insert. Not only does the new line offer the advantages of a tangential insert, its new unique geometry enables for better productivity across a diverse range of high feed applications.

Features include that it is capable of helical and straight ramping applications, a high ramping angle, an enhanced cutting stability due to the reinforced cutting edge, the insert’s helical cutting edge enables for smooth machining, the unique tangential insert design, mismatch is minimised during step machining and there is excellent chip evacuation.

The Tang-SFeed tangential cutter’s larger diameter core offers a higher stiffness cutter compared to the radial type and the wide variety of applications include facing, shouldering, slotting, straight ramping and helical ramping.

The new SFeedTec range is all about high-feeds and high-speeds, the new trends in advanced machining that contribute to higher productivity and a reduction in cost per part, and the technology is being applied to turning, milling, drilling, clamping, parting and grooving.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com