TaeguTec’s Rhino-X-Turn line, the XNMG 70 degree corner angle insert and holder line

TaeguTec’s Rhino-X-Turn’s XNMG insert has the advantages of both the CNMG and DNMG inserts. Not only does it keep their advantages but the new line overcomes their shortcomings as well. The Rhino-X-Turn line of inserts and holders is a multi-functional line that can be used for internal and external turning, face turning and profile turning. Developed under rigorous testing, the XNMG inserts demonstrate good chip control and stable tool life in a wide range of operations from medium to finish turning, and the line enables good surface finish with less vibration due to low cutting forces.

In addition, the insert’s thickness increases rigidity and stability with a wide support surface for excellent performance in automotive parts machining. For longitudinal turning, the TXJNR/L holder with a 93° entering angle is mainly used, while the neutral type TXQNR/L holder is particularly used for both longitudinal and face turning.

Also in internal turning the insert demonstrates good performance with good chip control and low cutting force. A further advantage is its ability to machine complicated shapes like internal chamfers without replacing the holder, which means improved productivity.

The main features include multiple applications available for internal turning, longitudinal, face turning and profile turning, the XNMG insert reduces customer inventory with the integrated shape of both the CNMG and DNMG inserts, it is optimally designed for automotive parts such as bearings due to its wide cutting range and good chip control from medium to finishing operations.

When compared to CNMG standard inserts they have a smaller corner angle for excellent chip control, good surface finish with low cutting force, profiling is capable up to a 15° ramping angle and a deeper approach in the live centre is possible.

When compared to DNMG standard inserts simultaneous longitudinal turning and face turning possible, there is an enhanced insert strength by increased corner angle and stable longer tool life and TT8105, TT8115, TT8125 are bi-coloured CVD grades for improved machining performance.

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