TaeguTec’s innovative, advanced Win-Cut line for parting, deep grooving

Cutting-edge industries turn to Win-Cut for high performance.

At TaeguTec, economic conditions and pandemics have not slowed down the advancement to supply next generation metalworking products. In fact, they accelerated it with the introduction of the Win-Sfeed line of performance-driven cutting tools.

Following the incredibly advanced performance-driven Sfeed-Tec line introduced a few years ago, the metalworking giant went further with even more innovations that guarantee incredible machining productivity by attaining quicker speeds and higher feed rates, as well as longer tool life and unsurpassed consistency.

These technological advances in cutting tools specifically cater to the changes in manufacturing, such as the shift to electric-driven technology employed in the automotive industry and the overall digitisation phenomena taking place in every industry.

In response, TaeguTec’s “Advanced Machining” tagline will inspire manufacturers to attain greater performance from their cutting tools while reducing cost in order to create consistent, reliable and safe products.

The powerful new Win-Sfeed line is applied to every family of tools within the TaeguTec umbrella. The optimised new tools have sensational and creative cutting geometries and clamping mechanisms that firmly secure the tools in place; simply put, the result is stable, vibration free, rapid machining with unmatched industrywide overall performance.

The innovative and superlative Win-Cut line and its new robust insert include three insert pockets and dedicated blocks that enable unsurpassed stable machining in parting and deep grooving applications.

The Win-Cut line delivers a great surface finish with no vibration in high feed or interrupted cutting situations.

Its reinforced blocks, which are designed to support the three insert pocket blades, firmly seat the blade on two sides. To significantly increase productivity, tool life, and chip evacuation, the blades include top and bottom internal through-coolant channels that are directed accurately to the insert’s cutting edge.

For greater productivity, the line’s user-friendly and unique clamping system enables machining at high speeds and feeds while helping machine operators save time, which in turn reduces tooling downtime.

The triangular blades are compatible with the highly popular T-Clamp workhorse inserts and the technologically advanced Cut-Sfeed inserts.

The thicker height insert of the Cut-Sfeed has a bottom-stopper and a specialised three-area contact that is more secure and reliable than conventional self-grip types. This enables improved surface roughness, insert position repeatability, and tool life even under tough machining conditions.

Furthermore, the Win-Cut line is compatible with a wide variety of machines including multitasking and general CNC machines.

For more information contact TaeguTec SA on TEL: 011 362 1500 or visit www.taegutec.com